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Hi all,
My Dr. has just suggested to give my son the pnuemoccal immunisation, but it's very expensive. Have any of you had your kids immunised against it? We have a history of asthma and tonsilitis in the family as well and my son has had bronchilitis a couple of times. Would this immunisation stop him from getting anything worse?
Hi Ailsa,
We're definately going ahead with the vaccine, no matter what the cost. Our paed. suggested it at our 8wk check up as my eldest has had chronic upper airway & chest infections & has just been operated on to put grommets in both ears. The other thing that convinced us to go ahead with the needle is that our youngest was entering care at only 4mths of age. Unfortunately she contracted slap face just before going into care & the eldest has been constantly sick with ear infections so we are yet to go ahead with it. I already have the scripts & will be booking into the Dr shortly to have them jabbed as their health is improving.
I'll keep you informed once I have it done but our paed. couldn't recommend it highly enough. Apparently although it's primarily designed to reduce chest complaints, it has a positive side effect of reducing ear & upper respiratory infections.
Hope this helps,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hello everyone there is a website called and there is a new petition on it re the pneumococcal virus which is just as bad as the meningicoccal virus; the petition is asking the govt to provide free vaccination for all Australian children, if you are interested in signing it, go into the website and search for the health section on the right hand side. One of the children from my mother's group recently contracted the virus and fortunately, her mother took the initiative and took Anna to the hospital after half the night with a high fever. It really is a terrible thing. I will be having my son immunised once he is well enough.
My 9 year old daughter had a pnuemococcal infection when she was 3, was in hospital for a week and had an emergency operation on her ears as they were severely infected. She had a history of ear infections and had grommets afterwards. Luckily she came out of it fine and we didn't really know the seriousness of it until it was over. You didn't hear about the disease then, but she was very, very sick. I would be following my doctor's advice.

Hi there,
I just took my daughter to the doctors today for her 12 month immunisation. He told me about the vaccines that are not covered by the govt, and how expesive they are. Our children have a right to be healthy and not disadvantaged by those who can not afford the "luxury" of paying hundreds of dollars for vaccines. I know we shouldn't put a price on our children's health, but how many mums and dads have a few hundred spare dollars lying around!!! I think it is disgusting. Go to the site that someone listed about the petition and sign it, I just did. My daughter had the MMR immunisation today and is going back for the meningacoccal immunisation in 2 weeks. I strognly advise all parents to keep the immunisations up to date. Lets put pressure on the govt. to make all immunisations free and available to all babies. I was told that aboriginal babies get it for free... where is the fairness in that????
Hi Michelle,

Whats the site?? I'm there!!!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Tepe the address is in my post which is the 3rd one from the top. Its - slide the screen to the right handside to find the section which is headed Search For A Petition then in the top Category click on the button to open the drop down selection. Then click on Health and then go down a bit and click on the search button. Once this opens the petition was the 10 one, on the bottom. It will eventually move down as more recent petitions are added. If its not on the first page just quick on the next page button down the bottom and you should be able to locate it. Dont forget to tell all your friends and email everyone with the address. They need as many signatures as possible. This is a terrible terrible disease that we need to eradicate. If not for our own child but for someone elses child or even our childrens children.

Thanks, I'll try now!!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Tepe,

Calebsmum beat me too it. But make sure you go and sign that petition and I urge all others to go and sign it too. Thanks to Calebsmum for putting that address in her reply. Us mum's need to be heard!!! Michelle smile
I too have signed the petition.
My doctor has recommended that Ella be immunised for this and as she is twelve months old will only need the initial needle and one booster in 2 months.
I think it's disgusting that the cost is so high, but you can't put a price on your child.

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

I'm all signed up. I would like to warn people about the site though. I went in there all ready for my voice to be heard and there was an icon saying that I had won the hourly prize. Wow. A $50- voucher at Target. Great I thought a great cause and I won a competion. It took me in to give my personal details and then I had to fill out a short survey then sign up to but some get rich quick scheme or similar with my credit card details. I stopped there and realised that this was a scam. (I know I'm slow ....I am computer naive). be warned everyone. Dont waste your time getting that target voucher

Fiona, NSW

It has been mentioned in the forum that it wasn't "fair" that Aboriginal children received the pneumococcal vaccine for free. I would recommend viewing the Govt health website

"Aboriginal children living in central Australia had the highest rates of pneumococcal infection in the world, with 15 times the chance of acquiring pneumococcal infection than non-indigenous Australians living in urban areas. "

And it is probable that the majority of Aboriginal families would not be able to afford the vaccine. Although of course I realise there are many non-Aboriginal families that also cannot afford it.

I am hoping that the pneumococcal vaccine will be free for all Australians one day soon. I am currently considering the vaccine for my 6 month old son.

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