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people on the street touching my bub! grrrr.. Lock Rss

Hello everyone, i was just wondering if anyone else had this problem, random people in public just take it upon them self to touch my bub, wether it be shaking her hand, rubbing her cheek, or what ever.
it annoys me but i am such a shy person i dont know what to say!

julia, tas, 8mth baby

Hi Julia,

It annoys me too!!!!
Random strangers telling me how cute he is then touching him!

We went to Tassie recently and on the boat there was a pair of ladies that thought he was gorgeous! So as you can imagine we ran into them all the time! I appreciated the compliments and questions but at the end of the day we would almost hide if we saw them coming!!!

Also an older lady approached us in a car park and after doing the usual stuff, proceeded to tell me that the day before she had gone to see her grandchild that had the chicken pox!! I couldn't get him in the car quick enough!!

It's unusual how people think that it is ok to reach into your pram, I suppose it is a lot like when they think that they can touch your belly when your pregnant!! It would probably be more polite to ask first, but I suppose that 99% of the time it does no harm.

I think that all we can do is smile and appreciate that we are lucky enough to have a beautiful baby.

Linda - mum to Riley 13.04.04 (#2 Due 29.12.05)

I know exactly what you mean. The worst place for it is in the supermarket. Lochie was sitting in the trolley the other day and I had a woman come up to me and she asked how old he was etc and then she pulled his top lip up and asked how many teeth he had! I was so taken aback I didn't know what to do so I just said we had better keep moving. A few minutes later I saw her blowing her nose in to a tissue and almost died! I have now decided I am going to the supermarket without him in future. Some peoople have no idea about invading the personal space of others!
By the way, where are you from in Tassie? I am originally from Devonport (left 8 yrs ago!).

My babies are all grown up sad

I fully understand what you mean.

I've got a 'shade-a-babe' for my pram, it's a cover made from shade cloth that protects against up to 97% of UV rays, wind and people touching my baby (It's also good for when she's sleeping at the mall or at a friends house)
Otherwise I carry her or have her in the frontpack and then people don't touch her as often.

We could always start taking them out in ugly clothes and with dirty faces, then maybe people wouldn't wanna touch them wink Or have you seen those dummies that have ugly teeth on the front? they'd scare anyone off!!

Take care


Kelly wink Mikki


Kelly - I like your idea about scaring people off!!!!
So maybe with a little more drool on their face and a dirty nose they should keep at a distance!!! Yucko!!

Linda - mum to Riley 13.04.04 (#2 Due 29.12.05)

I used to hate it, and jsut move the pram away from them, in a very obvious way!!!

This might sound awful to all you mums, but with my first i was constantly stopped and told how gorgeous he was, and i got soooo sick of it, because i was trying to Cope with PND, and often in a rush, and people stopping me ever two minutres to tell me arrrggghhhh LOL!!

I know he was and still is gorgeous and thats all that matters grin

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

Hello, I am not sure I could bare taking her out with a dirty face!! Then no doubt people would be comming up to me telling me she neds her face cleaned!! LOL!!
I guess I will just have to get some guts and tell them to not touch her!!
Oh and Naomi, I come from Launceston, though i have ben to Devonport many times and its a beautifull place....


julia, tas, 8mth baby

OHHH... why do my smilies never work????

julia, tas, 8mth baby


you need to put a space before and after your smiles for them to work wink

You can also preview them before you post just to make sure.

Good luck smile

Kelly wink Mikki

Well lets see......


Did that work... smile

julia, tas, 8mth baby

Hi guys

Just thought I'd wade into the end of this discussion.

It seems that, although babies are an attraction to well meaning but thoughtless people, twins are especially so!

Every time I go out with them in a pram, I get stopped every ten feet by someone looking in the pram and commenting.

If I hear the comment "double trouble" one more time I could become violent. It makes me wonder if people go up to single babies and say "trouble" - I doubt it.

The other week outside the paediatricians an old man asked us how much we wanted for them, and I don't think he was kidding!

Maybe I look mean, but thankfully noone has yet attempted to touch them (or touch me while I was pregnant).

It seems that pregnant women or new parents are fair game and social graces go out the window. In those circumstances, I say fight fire with fire. Be rude.

If I want peace and quiet on an outing, I just peg a large cotton wrap across the pram that stops people seeing in. Does the trick fabulously, noone stops us at all. A very cheap and temporary solution to unwanted attention.

Good luck everyone

Ange, mum of twins born early August 04

I realsied about half an hour ago how paranoid i am about people touiching my children still. My middle one (3) fell asleep on the bus, and i didnt realsie it, so when time to get off came, i had to go get him and two ladies felt it was their duty to pick him up, and i said

"No I'll get him" and the didnt listen i had to say it twice more, much firmer, and the result was i did pick him up and got called a b!atch for it.

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

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