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Struggling to change nappies/clothes with 9 mth old. Lock Rss

Ever since my son became mobile, he hates me changing his nappy or clothes because that means he has to be still for a couple of minutes. I have tried giving him things to distract him or holding him down with one arm but his determination to roll is getting the best of me. I'm at the point now where I allow him to stand and then try to change his nappy/clothes while he's standing. Any advice is very much appreciated!

Natasha, Melb, 9mth boy

Hi Natasha

I have the same problem with one of my boys - I can change his nappy ok if Im quick but I can only dress him if I let him stand up - I think it is just a phase as my boys used to scream whenever I changed a nappy or clothes but they grew out of it

My daughter is exactly the same!!!! she will be 9 months on 5/11. She constantly tries to sit up on the change table while i'm try to change her nappy. After bath is the worst. Unless my husband is here to help, it takes me ages to dress her, constantly keep turning her over and back over. I would love some advice (but not liking our chances), as I have tried everything you have aswell, I have started to sing to her and that keeps her still for a while.

Julie, mum to Abby 05/02/04 & Joel 12/04/07

when chanhing his nappy give him a ball of sticky tape. he will be too busy transferring it from one hand to the other to take notice of what u are doing. but be careful he doesnt put it in his mouth

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

You have just described my son Jack who will be 9 months next week. Now that the weather is warmer, I dress him in stages. At night after his bath it can take half an hour or more to get him dressed. I do the nappy first then let him go for a while. Next is the singlet and if it is a warm night, we don't even bother with PJs. I have already had 2 "accidents" on the floor this morning as he was in such a hurry to get moving and wouldn't lay still for me to put a nappy on. Blowing raspberries on his tummy sometimes works.

Karyn, NZ, Jack 13/02/04

Hi there

Our 9.5 month old Charlie now showers with dad at night. We put his suction seat in the shower. He loves the water and has no probs with it pouring down his face. Our shower head detaches from the wall so we can basically hose him down. When he emerges from the shower I wrap him in his towel and sit on the edge of the bath and dry him on my knees while he watches dad finishing off in the shower (or dad plays boo). It is then a simple a matter of a nappy, any creams and singlet (too hot up here in QLD for anything else).

It is also great as it gives me a break from him for 5-10 mins and I can go off and have a few minutes to myself and it is a nice dad/son time. Listening to the two of them laughing in the shower (dad plays games) is great. Put some toys in there for entertainment.

Give it a go - it may take a few days if they are scared of the shower. Maybe let the little one watch dad in there for a few days so they get an understanding of what it is about and get there interest up for being in there with dad.

Good luck.

Maureen, QLD, Charlie Jack (9.5 mths)

Hi Natasha

I know exactly how you feel. My little girl is 8 1/2 months old and does the same. She was so bad she would wiggle her way to standing up. Last week I tool the mobile from her cot and attached it to her change table and now she won't sit up on the table when I need her to.She loves to lie there and grab Pooh bear and his friens in fact she now looks back at the change table when she is changed. Try hanging something and make sure he can touch and play with it and you will see the difference

Annette WA mummy to Keisha 080304 & Thehan 200307

My little girl does the same. What I have found that works for me is I place some cheap stickers on her hand while I am trying to change her nappy and as she tries to unstick them - I quickly change her with no problems.

Maybe give this a try.

All the best
hi natasha, my name is also natasha hehe how are u i found when i changed my son 18 months now but when i changed him i used to have a few toys on the change table and one that works really well i found was a bangle braclet and he loved it and works even better if u actually put it on there foot cause there to interested in trying to get it of. Also i used to put his socks over his hands so again all he wanted to do was get em of and didnt even fuss him that i was changing him or his nappy. Hope it all works. byes

mum of 1 25/05/03 baby boy

natasha, S.A, nearly 3 year old boy

Hello, I have the same prob with my 8 month old girl.
I stick a sticker on the back of her hand and it keeps her busy long enough to change her nappy.

julia, tas, 8mth baby

My son hates being dressed and always has his nearly 1 and I tell you the stronger he gets the worse it's getting but sometimes I sing his fav song or rhyme to keep him entertained! Not really a prob for me though at the moment as it's too hot for him to be wearing cloths any way!
Good Luck

Best song is the hocky pocky (spelt that wrong?)

Mummy to 3 Boys

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