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List of monthly purchases for baby? Lock Rss

Hi all,
Hope you are all doing well! My partner and I would like to start a monthly subscription box for parents, our vision is to provide as much value and comfort for parents as possible.

The box will have one month worth of essentials for your baby, these include nappies, wipes, changing sheets, nappy rubbish bags, etc. The box will be delivered to your house each month, saving you the time and hassel of shopping for the same items each time.

We would like to know if this would be valuable for parents, and also different ways we can provide more value.

Thank you very, very much!
Just amazing box deal. I wish I could have this one in my country too. You are following the right path. By just showing just extra little care for your baby. Every couple here should make their minds like you. This is the best you can get. Do inform me if this is available in different countries or not. This can play an important role in baby growth years.
Hi there. Wow I must say. This is really great thing. This is a really good idea for making business and helping others as well. I think this is really good for all. Best of luck dear.
WOWW! That's such an amazing idea! Well, I wish you luck! I hope you get it done with a great success...Well, I am not in Australia. Otherwise, I'd have loved to get one. TC!
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