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my little girl is nearly 5 months. I cant get her to stop itching her scalp. She has ezcema and cradle cap, any suggestions as to what I can put on her scalp to stop her from itching???

any ideas would be appreciated.

Nicki''s Mum, NSW

Hi Annette,

Have you tried to bath her in "Alpha Keri" oil, or QV Bath oil or Dermaveen? My son has terrible cradle cap when he was little and suffers from ezcema.

I use QV Flare Up oil when his ezcema is bad and when it isn't I just use the QV Bath oil.

Aqueous cream is also good for putting on bubs before they go to bed, it is soothing and made up of Olive oil and Sorbolene cream.
what are you currently washing her with ? lanolin can upset exczema, try just water and the cradle cap, i used to rub baby oil on half hour before bath then wash off with water , olive oil works too apparently.
Try bicarbonate of soda mixed with olive oil, mix to a paste but don't use too much bicarb. Spread it over the cradle cap and leave on for a minute or two, then bathe. This helps to remove the flakiness and hopefully the itchiness.



Ryan had terrible cradle cap for a few weeks. I tried everything but found the only thing that finally worked for him was massaging baby oil into his scalp. At bathtime when his head was wet and the crusts (eww that sounds lovely) were soft I would gently comb them out alternating with the comb and rubbing a facewasher over his head. When I see any dry skin on his scalp now I hit it with the baby oil and so far it hasn't come back.

Good Luck

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

thanks for the replies.

does anyone have a phobia of rubbing anything over the soft spot? or is it just me??

Nicki''s Mum, NSW

I'm with you on the fear about the soft spot Annette.

When Ryan was born the doctor described his fontanelle (soft spot) as the biggest he'd seen on a baby. It covered the whole top of his head so I was petrified of anything hitting it and giving him brain damage or something (spot the first time mum smile Luckily it is a lot smaller now but to put lotions etc on his scalp I just take extra care to not put any pressure on the soft spot?

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

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