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Hi everyone
do any of yous shower with your baby? I am wanting to but too scared that he will cry with the water in his face and of him swallowing the water.
Please tell me how to successfully shower with my will also help save water too.

Sue & Daewon 23.03.2004

I sometimes shower with my bubs. I basically hold him upright against me and let the water run down the back of his head and his back smile i use a flanel to clean him. I then place him in my arms and cradle him so the water runds on his front.

My bubs doesnt cry in the shower, in fact he likes it just as much as the bath if not more. He really enjoys the water running over his head and back. He sometimes gets the water in his face but it doesnt seem to fase him.

Karina, S.A, mum to Kaleb born 25/07/04

My husband and I started taking Krysta in the shower with us when she was only a week old, she HATED the bath and would scream till she was blue in the face.. she loved the shower and still does.. but being 10kgs now it's a bit harder for us so we don't do that so much anymore and she now likes the bath smile

We just wet our hands and lather her up with baby shower wash, hold her against us and get in the shower, then to wash her tummy and neck do that same as said above cradle her and let the water run over her smile

Mel, Mummy to Krysta 07-04-04 and Chloe 10-11-06

Our little man loves the shower. My hubby has been showering with him since he was 2 weeks old. We wet his face by letting h2o running down his back then take his whole head through. He loves it. We give landon a toy to play with also in the shower esp toothbrush then he can hit his dad with it (ha ha). Landon & Dad only shower as this is there little thing, I get to do baths.It is quicker to shower, and it saves h2o.

I have been taking my baby in the shower from when she was a few days old. Its great to get them used to it, and there's no harm in him swallowing a bit of water! Here's a tip, though: cut the toe off an old cotton sock, and pull it over the arm you are holding bubs with. This way he won't be as slippery! Also, put the baby wash on a washer before you get in the shower, and it helps to have someone to hand bubs to when you are ready to get out.

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2


what a great tp about the sock

I'm def going to try that - might try both arms cos he always sems the slipperiest when i am trying to turn him round.

Some tips i have are make it much cooler than u would have it for yourself and havet he back facing the water first as when its goes on their tummy/face first it scares them a bit. and def have someone home when you do have a shower so they can pass them to you and you can pass them back afterwards.


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

hi everyone again,
it is so great that i can ask anything on this forum and no one thinks its silly.
Thanks for all the replies, i feel more confident now about having a shower with daewon, i will give it a go and thanks for all the helpful tips as i am so scared of him slipping out too.
While we are on the topic, i give dae a bath at nights, my mum is saying that he should be having baths in the morning as it is better for them ??? :~ Am i the only one that baths their baby at night?

Sue & Daewon 23.03.2004

I bath my son at night as part of his night time routine. If he is smelly in the morning after his night nappy I give him another bath or a wash with a cloth. Sometimes he comes in with me. My son is settled after his night bath just in time for bedtime. I love Baby Bedtime Bath by Johnson's mmmm.....

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

Jordyn has never bathed in a baby bath at home, since day 1 she has been in the shower and loves it. I find it easier to sit in the bottom with her as there is absolutly no way that you can drop her when she's all slippery and slimy.

I'd let the water run over her tummy and legs and let her watch the water falling down, at the end of each shower we'd do 123 and under the water just to get her use to it. Now that she's older (8mths) she'll actually sit herself under the shower, she loves all the water running over her head and it doesn't seem to bother her in her face. If you have to wash yourself with bub in the shower with you, use the baby wash too just in case it gets in their eyes...
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