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sick of people Lock Rss

i just want to know how many mum's are over hearing that they should do this and that! And telling you how to raise your baby and what your doing isn't right!
What **** me even more is people that preach at you as if they know every-thing - yet their own kids are the biggest terds you've ever met !!! I get really frustrated at people who contradict their own advice. I think that comes a close second to my biggest 'pet hate' - parents who let their kids go 'free' in your house. They seem to feel its their time to relax, leaving you to chase after their snotty nose little buggers. I am at the point that I put most of DD's things away when certain parents come visiting. Wow, didn't know I had that bottling up inside me - lol.

Yes you are so right, some times I get so sick of people !!!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

ME !!!!!!
bloody hell....excuse the language but goodness.
is it because im a single parent ? that everyone thinks they need to tell me what to do !!!
i have a diploma in children's services and specialise in child development n ive worked in child care for the past 6 years !!!!!!!!!!
i guess its coz im young ! im 20. so ppl must think i need to be told what to do.
but yes i am soooooo sik of hearing ppl add their two bobs in every chance they get. my mother would have to be the worst.....if i don't agree with her advice she gets all annoyed and 'bitchy' in a way.
anyhooo think ive winged enough. what a great topic u piked !!!!
better let the other gals have a whinge too.
take care gals.

Danni, WA,

OMG YES!!.Hello!! adele! I just had my fiances best mates girlfriend over..WHO DOESNT have a baby and loves in canberra TELLING ME what I can and cant do with MY child!
In the end I just sat there biting my tongue and ignoring her!
Where do people get off!
Then MY BOSS..She told me I HAVE to smack my child FOR EVERY thing HE does WRONG! If it is absolutely positvely wrong..YES a Smack on the HAND or Bottom Yes..But not for the tiniest things!

2 more sleeps

i totally agree adele
we are on her for advice not to be told just how we should be raising our children

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Yes I get told all the time what I should be doing and how and why and it annoys me and what really annoys me when I tell my partner something about what babys should be doing and its what I have read in the book but he doesnt listen to want to know but when someone else tell him, he listens and than cames and tells me about it and than when I say to him that I ready know that he will say I didnt you tell me.

But I do tell him what I know but just doesnt listen so I dont bother anymore unless he tells me now and I act all surprise.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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