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Solids - What age start worrying?? Lock Rss

At what age should you start to worry if your baby is still not wanting solids??

Jayden is 6mths old and still not wanting a bar of solids. I have tried different foods thinking perhaps he didn't like rice cereal (cause who would tongue ) but he doesn't want veges or fruit either. He shows all the 'signs' he should be ready for solids but try and get a spoon anywhere near his mouth with pureed food on it and he clams his mouth shut. He will chew on a rusk though.

I know they are all different but I thought at 6mths old they needed solids cause their iron stores start depleting or something??

Are there any other babies out there who started solids later than 6mths and if yes what age did they start? Also if they start eating much later than 6mths does that mean you have to delay the introduction of other foods (eg. yoghurt, fish etc)


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

I have read that they need their solids at 6 months because of iron levels etc.

My little girl has just started also and I find that she is always unsure when the spoon comes near her. I just try to put a little in her mouth and generally she will have a play with that then decides she wants some more.

I think perserverence is the key even though it is frustrating for us mums
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