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Evil Mother in law!!! Lock Rss

my mother in law sure know how to make me feel bad.Comes over without calling when i beg her to call,as soon as she walks in she makes remarks such as"god look at the state of this house",or "look at all this washing,how digusting"
She always tells me how she had 4 children and still managed to have the house clean by 9am and i should do things this way or that.
And when she looks after bub an i come home the house is spotless and she says its easy,but i get the feeling she lets bub scream on her own just so she can make the house perfect...
i hate it soooooo much

Lillie....1 year old!!!

dont worry we all have one i wont even let mine look after Ella after hering some of the storys she told about what she use to do with her kiddies like letting them scream and i could go on all night there is no pleasing them and they are always right

Alison 27yr NSW - Ella 4yr, Kylan 18mths, one in t

Mimmy your mother inlaw must be super women (not) and we can only do what we can do in between caring for your beautiful child and whatever dont get done that day will there is always tomorrow and dont worry we have that problem with inlaws.

My partner's parents live down in Sydney and they are lovable couple but Dane's mum takes over the place and sometimes tell me what I should do with Jaye but I dont do it anyway and when Dane mum has try to do something with Jaye that I wouldnt do my little girl will kick and scream til her nana gives up.

I dont have advise just keep doing what you and keep caring for your beautiful baby girl.

Chat soon

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Mimmy, next time she says there is too much washing, point her in the direction of the washing machine and tell her to go for it!!!!!! My MOL use to be the same (Greek MOL) now I tell her to pick up the broom or keep her comments to herself. She sounds very very controlling. Now what you need to do is going and make a nice big sign for your front door that reads.


Leave this on your front door 24/7 and see how you go........ Naomi
That sounds mean off her Mimmie!!!
Does she have a life....????
Just remember that you are NOT super mum, and no one, is not even ya mum in law! I know it's hard hearing comments like that tho. Maybe you should get hubby to talk to her and tell her to lay off a bit, explain how much it is effecting you.


my MIL is a bitch too, she never visits us we have to go there which doesnt bother me much except when she winges she doesnt see my son enough.

always complaining about hayden( my bubba) being too young to be in clothes and what sorta clothes do u call that to put on him,( i think its my call when he can wear clothes and not jump suits)

and no matter when ive fed hayden according to her hes hungry, must be hungy 24/7 lol i hate MILs.

my partner hates her too tho so its good we go there for like an hour once a week lol. she knows where i live and yeah. ill shut up now.

***haydens mum***

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