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when should we consider moving our 5 month old baby into a cot?
This might sound silly but many parents i know have moved their baby from a bassinette to a cot when the baby literally grew out of the bassinette. Usually 6 months is a good age.
I hope this helps.
I was looking around the Huggies website the other day and I came across some info that may be of some use, just click below:

<a href=" Sleep Options</a>

I hope that helps.
We moved our baby to a cot as soon as she was able to roll herself over. (She had slept in her cot sporadically before that though.) That way, when she woke up, she could amuse herself by rolling around without getting frustrated through lack of space. It also gives us the opportunity to watch her 'explore' her little world without seeing us. Now, at six months, she is happily rocking to and fro as she begins to start crawling - using the stable cot mattress as her base.
Good luck.
We moved our baby boy to his cot at 5 weeks old, he is now just 9 weeks old but he is doing well in his cot. He was just too big for his cradle and moving around way too much for my liking! I must say though, he is sleeping a lot better now that he isn't in our room as he can't see us. Anyway I hope this helps, I know it's been a while since the first post. Good luck!
To be honest my baby girl has slept her entire little life in her cot and never suffered any ill effects from it. I would suggest whenever you feel like it try baby in the cot.

Yvette, WA, 6 month baby girl

We moved our bub at about 3 months. She is now nine months and has loved the cot from the word go. Its a safe space for her to play in and she will sit in there for a good hour just playing with some of her toys.

Leigh, NSW,

Hi Barmy,

My son (who is now 11 months) has been in a cot since we bought him home from hospital. I did not want a bassinette because I thought they were a great waste of money.

He loves his cot now. I find that I put him in it at night one way and in the morning he is the other direction.

If you are worried about your baby, buy a breathing monitor. It is a battery operated device where the sensor pad goes under the mattress and the monitor is on the side. You turn the monitor on and a green light will flash.

We have found this to be great
At around 4 months my baby son had a couple of restless nights in his bassinette, so we tried putting him in his cot. He has slept really well since, I think he likes being able to stretch out. Having him sleeping in his cot has made it alot easier to get him into a good routine. We can now put him to bed awake at the same time every night, and he will dose off really well. It helped knowing that it didn't matter how much he moved around, he wouldn't fall out. As long as you feel ready to move your baby to a cot, it should be a really possitive experience.

Rena, NSW, 8 month old

Barmy, we moved both our children from cradle to cot at about 4mths due to the cradle being too small and when they went to move they would wake up. Both our children were still in our room until they got used to the cot, that was immediately. Probably a sense of freedom in a way. I think you have to feel comfortable yourself and if it works for you go for it.

Annie, 3yr son, 8mth girl

Hi. Our now 9 month old daughter went into a cot at 5 months as she started to pull herself up to sit. She loved her cot from the word go as she can look around her room at everything.


we moved our daughter at 41/2 months, when she could move about and was starting to roll on her side so that she wasn't consticted.

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