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hello i am
According to me, we should change the baby's nappy regularly as urine contains bacteria which would be harmful for baby's skin.Put some soft cloths on the floor and then you can change nappy.It might seem some complication at first, but practice makes man perfect. Use nappy rash cream for rashes.
we hung up a buzzy bee toy on the roof on a spring. DS absolutly loves it. he smiles and talks to it and i tell him stories about buzzy bee.
Have everything ready and be quick so that nappy change time is not so bad. Also I found baby powder just as affective and on occasion more affective than rash creams.
My DD is such a squirmer on the change mat! I strap her in and sing a crazy song, trying to get her to giggle. Lucky mums can multitask!

MY baby has a terrible nappy rash, have used different creams but it doesnt go away please help.

Do you think he is teething? How old is he?
so many insights !!!
I gave things for bub to hold and if bub manage to stay still (without kicking, rolling over etc) then I will appraise bub like "well done, very good".
Back in my days we used a peg for our noses when number 2 business had been done
And the hole time we would be trying to chuck up

And with number 1's well we gave them a ladybug to play with
Worked like a charm and more than often was consumed after the change
My baby had a terrible nappy rash. The doctor sent me to the rch as he didn't know what to suggest after steroid cream didn't work (I don't like using those creams) what the rch suggested didn't work either. I researched for hours and found "David Hoskings nappy rash cream"'in Essenson and they post. It was red raw and was gone in 5 days. I swear by it and have out so many people onto it.
I also only use "Reynard dry wipes"'she's 10 months now and that's all i use, with water and sometimes a little QV wash. She's never had a rash since.
Change your baby's nappy regularly and as soon as possible after she's done a wee or a poo. Clean your baby's genitals and bottom thoroughly after each poo and make sure she's clean and dry before putting on a new nappy. Apply a thin layer of barrier cream to your baby's bottom after each nappy change.
Hannah001 wrote:
MY baby has a terrible nappy rash, have used different creams but it doesnt go away please help.

Hannah, read this Healthline article which helps you to get the right cream for your baby.
My son gets diaper rash from time-to-time and the OTC diaper rash creams do not work for us. They actually make his "nappy" rash worse. I found one kind that does work. It is MADE OF organic diaper rash cream. We love it and all of their certified organic products.
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