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i love shopping clothes for my baby but im having trouble with sizes.. she's 4 months old and i thought size 000 will fit her as i was told that 000 is for 3~6 months but they JUST fit her or some are small.. so im buying size 00 now..
i was wondering if its true that 3~6 months = size 000 and 6~9months= size 00. just worried if she's big for her age..
Hi! I think it all depends on the brands, some are small fitting like bonds. I think when ds was around 4mths he was starting to go into size 00. My son is almost 1 and he has been wearing size 0 for a good while now and it says on the labels for 12mths. I'm starting to buy size 1 now!

But I'm pretty sure you are right with the size, 3-6mth - size 000 etc...
hi, my 4mth old DS has some 000 - mainly the target brand as they are bigger, but most are 00 now as he is over 7kgs. The ages are just a guide, they also provide measurements. 000 is to 6kgs and 62cms then go up to 00 which is to 8 I think.

Hope that helps smile

The brands are all so different. My DS was always small but he mainly wore target stuff. At 9 months he finally started fitting 00 (he was in 000 for so long)! but at the time he was in size 0 bonds wondersuits. he is now 23 months and still wearing size 0 and just fitting into 1 (been in size 1 wondersuits for ages tho).

ETA: he has just hit 9.5 kg and size 0 is for 10kg
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hey, yeah my DS just hit the 4 month mark but has been wearing 00 since he was 2 and a half months old. they fit him perfectly now really snugg, even grown out of most so i've started him in 0 clothes which are said to be for 1yr olds lol my bub is a chubba though and is just over 8kg. he's in the middle, not quite fitting 0 but outgrown 00, they grow so fast! and it costs so much as i thought he'd be in 00 for the next few months, lol.

my baby girl is 13 1/2 wks old ans is still in 0000 but mostly 000. Bonds r smaller 4 some reason.

She wasn't born too small 7lb 4oz, but only fitted in 00000 for awhile!! Took abit to put on weight.

but dont go of the age as they're always wrong!!

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The sizes vary from store to store and are only a guide anyway.

My 1st son was 7 weeks prem and was still in 000 at 6mths....

Whereas my 9mth old is a big boy and is in Size 1's already some 2's in the tops....

Don't use the size charts to compare your bubs size, I'd rather use the charts in the back of your baby book etc...

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I agree with all the ladies comments here, the sizes are only a guide (which I don't pay much attention to)

My DS, now 4 months, fits into some 00, mostly 0s and is starting to go into the size ones. He is roughly 66cm long and 7.7kgs. So he is average in size (according to the blue book)

I have a major problem with buying sox for him though, because he has huge feet he doesn't even fit in the size 1-3 baby sizes. His feet are the size of my palms.

Anyway, sorry to babble, I usually just hold the clothes up to his back or feet and if it looks like it fits I buy it.
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hello jaz is in size 000 at 6kilos i think it bepends on how big you little one is and not how old,

jas was only 2,7kilos when boarn so she was in ooooo to start with. shes now nearly 4 months old and the size 000 are still a little big.
\i wouldnt buy two many clothes they grow so fast bye for now.........
i don't know y they put ages on bubs clothes coz all bubs are diff sizes. my 6 month old is in 0 for summer suits and shirts, 00 for shorts and most pants and almost needing a 1 for winter suits... it's strange if u ask me

Know exactly what you son is three months old (6.25kg) and I already dress him in size 0 for the Bonds suits - the 00 is now a firm fit but I find he can't stretch his legs. Most of the things I buy for him now are going to be size 0 (I already dress him in size 1 for singlets). I wouldn't worry about your bub being big for her age - my son was in lower 10% percentile when he was born is now right in the middle for weight/height. It's all good fun!!!
I agree with mazzania. Go by the weight, length measurements on the tags instead. My DD is 8 months and weighs 7.5kgs. She is is 00 tops but still in 000 bottoms lol.
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