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travelling with your baby Lock Rss

hi my name is amira and i have a 3 month old baby girl (sarah). We are travelling to the Gold Coast in a few weeks and i was just wondering if the plane trip there will affect her in any way. If anyone has any advise please let me know. thanks.

amira mum of sarah, NSW, 3mth baby

Hi Amira, i have heard that it is best to have something for young plane travellers to suck when taking off and landing. This is suppose to help with the ear popping that we all experience when we have a change in air pressure. I hope this helps.
Hi Amira, the best bit of advice I can give is to try and feed Sarah on take off and landing as this will help to stop her ears from hurting. I flew with my son in October last year (he was 6 months) and this is what I did, my biggest problem was he didn't like sitting still. I found the cabin crew a great help as well, they took my son for a wander whilst I ate and they helped me change his nappy. If you can fly between her sleep times this will also be good. Though if you have a baby who will sleep anywhere then it maybe better to fly at a sleep time. Happy travels.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

I found some handy info before booking an airline when I travelled with my 4 month old to Adelaide last Chrismas.

Qantas allows 35kg domestic per person while Virgin Blue only allows 25kg per person. The baby's equipment eg pram, car seat are considered as essential and although they don't pay for a seat this is 'phantom weight' and is not counted to the total weight.
Happy holidays!

Friday's Child

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