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Is anyone giving Fluoride drops to their babies and toddlers? Lock Rss

Just wanting to know if anyone out there is giving fluoride drops to their babies/ toddler? I am just wanting to know as I am thinking about it. I am a dental assistant and have seen so many children needing lots of fillings. I just don't want my little boy to need fillings if I can help it. What do other people think?
Hi Letitia,

I have a 15 month old daughter and was unaware of Fluoride tablets. I did read that if you give your child tap water they will get some flouride from that. I beleive if you live in a rural area and live from tank water it is advised to add fluoride to a childs water. That is all I really know. I will come back to see what others think too.

I meant to say Fluoride drops... not tablets (although I think you can get tablets too). Michelle
I haven't given my kids fluoride drops and all their teeth are fine. In some states, fluoride is added to the tap water, but not in QLD.

I was actually told by a dentist that fluoride in babies does more harm then good, which is why it is not recommended to brush babies teeth with toothpaste until after they are 2 years old.

Maybe you could ask the dentist you work for, to give you some more information that you could share with us all. I would love to get a second opinion, as I am currently only brushing my 10 1/2 month old sons teeth with cooled boiled water.


Mother of 3, Qld

l have two children, my 7 year old had to have an operation on her teeth when she was 3 as she fell onto concrete and broke her front teeth.The dentist told me they broke so easy because she was not taking fluoride and in QLD its not in the water.When my son was born he has fluoride drops in his milk every day and his teeth are very healthy, he is now 13 months.
Hi everyone I asked around at work and they told me I could put fluoride into my 13 month olds water if I wished. Brisbane water has no fluoride in it which is a shame. I use a little of the baby toothpaste and he swollows it (it is not really visable on the tooth brush,it would be only 2mms of a smear)I asked about this and they said don't give him fluoride drops if he swollows the toothpaste. In the end they said I should see my dentist and see what he has to say.Thank you for replying to my forum.
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