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I have an 11 month old baby boy Allan, he has 6 teeth and he is starting to bite, and I'm still breast feeding! He's not fussy about what he bites, arms, legs, stomach. It's quite painful as he bites hard. I say no in a loud voice and I've tried pinching him and even biting him myself, and yes, it does make him cry but it still doesn't stop him. I am looking at sending him to day care once a week, the last thing I want is complaints from other parents because their child has been bitten. How many other mums have been in this situation?

Lynn, Forest Hill Qld

I haven't had that experience, but my five month old bites me every now and then when breastfeeding. My child health nurse told me to put him down immediately and leave, and this will teach him that he doesn't like the consequences of biting. You have to do it immediately though, or the message is lost. Hope this helps!

Jessica, VIC, Max 24.08.03

Hi Kimba,

My son is exactly the same he is 10 1/2months old and will bite. He at the moment only bites you on the chin.
I also have tried to stop it but can't.
He goes to daycare but so far he hasn't bitten anyone else yet.

Michelle, mum to Corey 14/3/03 - Bankstown

Hi Kimba,
My 10 month old, has started to bite, just wondered if you could give me insight to when this phase finishes. Ive tried the assertive NO but Kate only ends up dropping her bottom lip & crying!
She doesn't understand shes hurting, so when did Allan stop?
Any help would be great.

NZ, Siobhan 9yrs & Kate 11.11.03

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