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Baby cries when I leave the room Lock Rss

HI there,

I am wondering if anyone has advice for me. My 8 1/2 mth old daughter will scream whenever I leave the room. I try talking or singing to her while I am in the kitchen or the bathroom, but this doesn't seem to help. WHen I come back into the room and sit with her she is perfectly fine!! Does anyone have any little tips for helping stop this habit??
Nickie, welcome to the Separation Anxiety stage, just about every bubs will go through this.

Some tips I got iwth my first bubs were:

- play peek-a-boo with your DD lots (hands hide face). That way she gets used to you "disappearing", but will come to understand that you come back.

- when she has got used to the concept, play peek-a-boo with you hiding behind couch / chair / under blanket etc so that she can see you whole body disapearing, but then it still comes back.

- then graduate to playing peek-a-boo in the door way etc...

- when leaving the room, make it a brief as possible, until she is more confident - try to take her with you until then - yep even the bathroom.

Very normal separation anxiety and hopefully it will pass soon enough.

Follow the excellent tips the previous poster gave you. Make a conscious effort to introduce bubs to every-one that comes over or you stop and talk to.

Soon enough, bubs will be sick of you and racing after others for attention and it will be you suffering the separation anxiety - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

my 8.5 month old does this as well or when daddy goes to work. does your baby crawl? i make a game out of it. i say come on and he follows me. and he is only allowed through the 'gate' (safety gate) at these times.
He gets the biggest smile. but he cries when you go back out and shut the gate, so usually have to pretend hes an airoplane so he kinda forgets.

definatly seperation anxiety!
My son went through this really bad (1st child now 2yrs) i would try anything, i would sit on the floor and pat his tummie or stroke his face and would crawl out of the room when i thought he was asleep. I would also slowly take one step back every minute, but as soon as i would get too close to leaving the room he would SCREAM his head off.
This time around (baby #2 who is 9months) has had a bit of this problem, but no where near as bad as #1 bubby had it. I think also because i now have the attitude of, its not going to hurt you if you cry. And we had to introduce controlled crying alot sooner with her, as we didnt have as MUCH time to spend getting her to sleep. I am a stay at home mum and cant take 10minutes to put her to sleep and just LEAVE my son, he could do anything in 10minutes!! so think of it that way... she will get over it, and quickly learn the sooner you get the courage up to just leave her to cry.
i would suggest controlled crying and eventually this will pass. Goodluck, and happy sleeping days ahead! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi Nickie, I was just wondering if the advice you received has worked? My wife is going through the same thing with our 9 1/2 month old girl Zoe when she is home alone (without me but with 3yo son). If the advice didn't help. Did you get any other advice from someone that did work for you?

DAD SA 2 months prem

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