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Eating Lock Rss

My 20 week old son, is having 150ml bottle every 3 hours, he is having solids afterwards, and if he does like what he is eating, well he will only eat 2 or 3 spoon fulls, I have tried living it half an hour to an hour after his bottle and I have tried straight after his bottle, but he is the same, Im getting really scared, cause at 6 months old, which is only a month away, he is surpose to have his solids before his bottle, but I cant see that happening!
Ant ideas anyone!
I wouldnt really worry because my son was pretty much the same untill a growth spurt came along!! They know how much they want and they know when theyre full. i sometimes leave it an hr after his bottle to give him his solids then he judges how much he wants, sometimes 2 or 3 spoonfuls then days where he want the whole lot!

amanda,nsw,71/2mth old son

my son is six months old and he has his breastfeeds first (4 a day) then i still wait about an hour until he has his solids the info i heard was to keep giving his breastfeeds first until about nine months i wouldn't be too worried i think its true when they say that your baby will let you know what they want and don't worry too much about what guidelines say as they are exactly that, guidelines

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

Hi, i can understand what your going through exept my 7 month old daughter wont eat vegies! i have tryed everything but no luck. i wouldnt worry too much about it he probably isnt quite ready for solids yet and the bottle is giving him everything he needs. Babies usually let you know when they are ready by being really unsettled and you have tryed everything. thats how my daughter let me know and know she is a fussy eater. she only has 4 bottles a day drinking between 150 - 200mls.
i hope this has helped you.
regards Narelle

Narelle, VIC, Mum to Monica & Jessica,EDD 24th May

Hi, i have a 6month old boy and i used to give his solids just after his feeds and now i'm trying to give them before but he has to have half his bottle then food and then about 30-45mins later he'll have the rest of his bottle. You just go with your baby. Adam at the moment wont eat his solids unless he has some bottle first, and sometimes he doesnt want his solids untill 30mins after his bottle. Just watch the pattern and i'm sure your baby will change when they feel comfortable.
Sounds like a common problem! My son is now almost 8 mths and didn't start eating solids with any interest until just past 6 mths. I tried at 4 & 5 mths but he wasn't interested. I tried at 6 mths and he was better, but it still took a week or so for him to gain an appetite. I also give Reece his solids before milk - as Reece prefers milk, he will always drink it (though I wait about 30 minutes after solids). Even now, if Reece is having an off day, he will only take a few mouthfuls of his food before shutting his mouth in defiance when I offer the spoon. Its not an imperative that they have to eat solids by their 6 mth birthday, but its recommended they start at or shortly after as vitamin/nutrient supplies start to wear out. Don't stress (though I know its frustrating as I've been there) - give him a break and try again in a couple of weeks.
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