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am i feeding my girl to much Lock Rss

my 3mths old is eating 3 meals of cereal (1 tble spn) a day plus 3-4 bottles of formula (150ml) and 2 full bottles of water.
Being we live in darwin it is hot and i dont mind the water but i keep getting told she is a little fatty.
if i dont feed her the cereal i go through about 6 bottles of formula and she dont settle, should i introduce a walker or jumper to entertain her as she gets very frustrated when she cant do what she wants like sit up.
Her sleeping is not to bad as she sleeps most nights and if she eats her cereal will sleep during the day with out cereal no sleeping will happen awake all day. please help


Maybe you should contact your local child health nurse and discuss this with them.
Babies shouldn't be introduced to any solids until atleast 4 months of age and at your bubs age she should be having 5 bottles of formula per day.
Hope this kind of helps.

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

I have a three month old daughter also. She has four feeds a day (which they have told me is not enough, but she doesn't want a fifth feed) and has anywhere between 140mls-160mls a feed. She will probably drink about 30mls of water a day if it is hot also.

I have not started her on solids yet, and like your bub, she is awake all day, but she sleeps for like 10 hours (at least) a night, so i figure she probably doesn't need much sleep in the day. If she doesn't have at least a few 20 minute naps though, she does become upset. She is also very frustrated because she cannot move either, and i find she is happy if she is playing (mind you, i have to change her position and activity every half an hour and she is happy, i think they get bored). I have a Fisher Price Swing i put her in that has toys hanging off it, a bouncer, a Fisher Price Star Gym (she absolutely loves it!) an ocean wonders aquarium so she can play in her cot, rattles, cuddly toys and now she loves the Chrissie Tree too. Quite often she is happiest propped up in a pillow watching TV.

Just keep your bub busy, and she'll be less unhappy i'm sure of it smile
I know the experts reccomend not to feed your child solids until at least 4 months but my boy has been having one feed of soilids a day since 14 weeks. I knew he was ready because he was intent on everything I ate and was no longer being satisfied and was feeding from the breast every hour.
Once I started him on just that one feed he was fine. He still breastfeeds every two to three hours though and he is now 19 weeks.
A lot of people are taken aback at how hungry he is, my mother keeps telling me to 'just put him on the bottle' but I figure I am here to give him the best. He has steadily gained 250g a week since birth and is not 'fat', just healthy. All children are individuals but I would suggest finding yourself a 'down to earth' community nurse and asking them for advice.
my son is 10 months old and is a little on the chubby side. He has been crawing for months and trying to walk, I'm hoping he will slim down when he is walking. When he was your daughters age he ate anything you put in front of him. Try ony two meals, an extra bottle and keep up with the water.

Connor 24/1/03, Oliver 8/6/04, Zachary 5/12/07

I get told my baby is a little fatty and she is breast fed with one meal of veges in the afternoon. I was upset at first, but then was told that if she became ill, she would need that weight to fall back on. I was always a fat baby and grew out of it by age 2, and now have trouble putting on weight, even lost it through pregnancy. I don't think there should be a problem with feeding too much. If she wasn't hungry she wouldn't take it, simple as that. Babies don't 'binge eat' like adolescents and some adults can. They know what they want and when they want it.

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

All my kids were on a solid meal (1 teaspoon rice cereal) at 6-6.5weeks of age. It was made very liquidy, and helped them to settle throughout the night. My kids were being breastfed every two hours and still wanted more. Once on a solid meal, they were sleeping through the night. All three of my kids weren't chubby, but they weren't slim either. When my daughter was nearly 1 year old, she became very sick, and lost a lot of weight. I wish she had had a little extra weight to fall back on. Luckily she recovered well, and is now a healthy 8 year old. Once babies start to walk and run, they usually lose most of their baby fat. As long as you are feeding your baby healthy foods, don't worry about a them being a little on the chubby side.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi mummysgirl,

I agree if you are really concerned contact your maternal health nurse. My daughter Mirabi doesn't sleep much during the day and sh'e 7 weeks old. I was told this was bad by another mother. She had me so worried that I spoke to my maternal health nurse. She said not every baby sleeps the ideal amount of sleeping for there age as long as your baby get's some sleep and preferably at night then don't stress. Some babies require more or less formula my daughter is having 120ml already and roughly 7 - 8 bottles a day.


Mirabi 28/11/03

mirabi 28/11/03

Hi mummysgirl
I have twins 11mths. They are on the smaller side in size. They have 3 meals (4-5 tablespoons each meal) a day plus 4 sometimes 5 bottles. They were born premature but even taking this into account they would be on the small size for corrected age, Both of the are rolling but not crawling. I think maybe it has something to do with them not being able to hold themselves up with the arms ??? Sometimes I wish they were heavier as this might help with there crawling. If babies don't want the food they will not eat it. My healt nurse told me to give them the extra bottle if they wanted it.
Stick to what you are doing. All babies are different. It sounds like she is contented with the cereals/bottle combination.

justine, VIC, twins boys

i agree you should contact your health nurse. the ratio my hospital advised me for determining how much formula to give is the babys weight times by 150 then divide by the number of feeds per day. this will give you the average amount of mls to offer. sometimes they will drink more and sometimes less depending on growth spurts and stuff. your baby though should be having five bottles per day at that age and solids aren't usually recommended until 4-6 months. good luck.
Hi Mummysgirl,
My son used to have 6 bottles at that age and my health nurse said that was fine. He would feed every 3 hours he was always hungry. I did wait until 4 months untill I put him on solids.
If you find that she settles better, then thats your decision- your the one having to deal with her.
I found that solids didnt really help to make him sleep more.
Goodluck, and its fantastic that she is drinking lots of water. Its usually hard to get them to drink water. Your doing great!

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

hi. i am 31yrs old and a first time mum. so i asked my mum what she did with me . and she said i was having farex at 6 weeks of age and the only health problem i have is i eat too much and am i little bit fatter than what i should be. .... remember you r the mum which means u r the boss.
happy parenting

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

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