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Hi everyone,
Some may remember my callum was bitting me while breast feeding - so i stopped. He is now bitting my shoulder with his 4 new teeth. It has been going on for a little while now and i have tried different things to stop this - none of which have worked. This weekend the bite was so hard i was screaming in pain and there was blood.
I have tried to smack him on the shoulder - he laughs and continues to bite ( and don't really wanna smack him again)
I have yelled no and put him down -he laughs at no....
so i am really at my wits end... and have a very bruised arm.
Please help me someone.

Tam, Qld

I so hate the biting stage, it really hurts. My DD got me on the inner thigh once, it left a little tooth mark scar - lol.

I followed what DD's kindy taught me which has worked really well. I go with the no attention method. As soon as DD bit me, I would say a sharp no, put her down and walk away. I would wait in another room for a minute which seems like for ever as DD would be whinging/crying.

I like it as it was very effective, but without any physical discipline. I've used it a few times for more serious discipline and found she responds within 2 attempts - which is pretty effective.

Sure, its not for every-one as your bub will probably get upset that you have left them for that minute. Best of luck, hope your arm feels better soon.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Tam ***waving***,

just wanted to say that putting our son on the ground and walking away worked for us too smile


Liam Evan, 2

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