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Anyone have a baby born in December 2003? My daughter was born on the 20th, was this will be her second Christmas but the first that really counts. We even forgot to give her the present we got for her last Christmas!

What are your babies up to?

Cymantha, NSW, DD 20/12/2003

I guess I should let you know what my little one is up to!!! She rolled over at 4 weeks, crawlled and pulled herself up onto furniture at 5 months and now loves walking around with one of those push things. She loves her sleep (thank goodness) - 3 sleeps during the day and 11 hours at night. Very nice indeed. Her fine motor skills are no where near as advanced as her gross motor skills, but I guess you can't be good at everything... She has two bottom teeth and her two top teeth are just poking through.

But she has many food allergies which can be a challenge, like today as someone has dropped something on the carpet which keeps causing her to come out in huge whelts. And her eczema is playing up as well (I think that was caused by kiwi fruit).

She is such a treasure to have around and so lovely. She gave me huge kisses today for the first time un prompted and has started to blow raspberries on my tummy which is so funny. She loves to bounce up and down to music and has a ball at her swimming classes.

Hope to hear about your babies soon.

Cymantha, NSW, DD 20/12/2003

My boy was born on the 30th of Dec but was due on the 19th!
My son is waking and running everywhere!! He has plenty of bruises to show off for all his hard work!!
My son also has four teeth, with just the top popping through (giving him hell at night!)
He likes his slep to but only when he wants it very stubborn thing and independent must get it from his father,lol.
I also love my boys kisses even if at times the do get a bit sloppy, he started giving kisses tounge and all thank god he has stoped that!!!
Louis Also loves music more so than anything else does your girl love ads that play music? lou stops anything he is doing nd just watchs and bounces untill it stops, he is so cute!!
Well I will stop my boasting, I could never stop!!
Take care maybe we could chat soon?

Mummy to 3 Boys

hi all
my little girls was due 29th december, but popped out on the 7th january.she has 6 teeth, all of which she has had since she was 5 1/2 months old. shes been crqawling since she was 5months and she stikll hasn't quite got the balance factor of walking sorted out. last night i co13 steps when she was walking before she sat back down. she is also a big talker and loves playing peek-a-boo and pretending she's a lion. she always has bruised knees from all her power crawling she does! and boy i mean power crawling. one second she is behind me, i turn around 2 seconds later and she is down the hallways hiding from me. oh she is so cheeky and she has daddy wrapped around her little fingers, she has sice she was born!

19yr old 1st time mummy to ava born jan 7th 2004

Lochie was born on the 8th od Dec '03 and I can't believe he will be one next week. The time has gone so fast. He started rolling over at three months which was a pain 'cos from then on he has slept on his tummy. He crawled at five and a half months which was great 'cos he would follow me around and wear himself out so he was sleeping longer thru the day. He started walking a ten months and six days which I also find good as he can amuse himself more but he can now get in to more mischief! It is also a pain when we go out in his pram as he thinks he should be walking and not sitting in his pram. We are fighting a bit about that lately. He has always been a strong baby because he was born 10lb 2oz (4590g) and was 61cm long. My paediatrician said he is the longest baby he has seen for a while. He seems to have slowed down a lot though now weighing 12kg and 80cm long.
He amazes me every day doing new things and is a real parrot copying words I say. He too loves music especially some ads on tv including the dodo internet ads and the huggies and fisher price ads with the 'bubbas' on them. I hope all December '03 babies have a great 1st birthday!!!

My babies are all grown up sad

Hello Cymtom


My Tahlia was born on Christmas day that was the best present our families ever got and I didnt need to look for parking or wait in lines grin

Tahlia is not yet walking on her own but, in the last month has started to stand up on her own for a few seconds.

No teeth yet though.

She lovese to talk and get alot of attention even from strangers when we are out. To get attention she will cough or start laughing at anyone nearby then she acts all cute thinking this may get her a cuddle.

Christmas this year feels the same as when i was young exciting well for me anyway.

Let me know what your daughter is up to.

Aneta,VIC, Tahlia 25/12/03 Tiyana 05/12/05

Jus thought I would add a quick update on my bub! He is talking more saying nup and yep and tah, nup seems to be fun for him because I ask him if wants to get out of the bath and he says yep than I go to pick him up he shakes his head and says nup and laughs, the cheeky little thing!
His nan came to visit after not seeing him for just over three months and couldnt believe the things he was doing and he started to say nan within two days, she was wrapped as you could imagine!
He is having a christmas and birthday party this weekend with his dads family and than we are off to vic for the real xmas with my family! Going to be spoilt rotten!
He is getting his number 5 and 6 teeth together, Ive been lucky they have been coming in 2 and as soon as one pair breaks through the next start!
He is going through a bitting stage though and i am very surprised how sharp they are and where he tries to bite! ouch!
Well Ill stop going on and on Sorry proud mummy on the loss!
Good luck to everyone and Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to all you little darlings!

Mummy to 3 Boys

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