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Hi everyone
I was wondering what do other 7 month olds like in the way of toys. I'm about to go and buy some as I think my little man is getting bored with the same set of keys/book/rattle/ and other thing that jingle. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
What's he up to? Sitting, crawling?..I use one litre plastic milk bottles. washed and dried with some beads, coins, sequins, pasta, whatever put inside and then the lid superglued on. They make a lovely rattle because they have a handle already. All my kids loved the Jolly Jumper, especially with a tray of water underneath on hot days, or a balloon tied onto the strap.

Mum of 3 under 5

Thanks Bronski.
I would never have thought of using a milk bottle, we throw so many out to!
He loves his J.Jumper, haven't tried the water (a bit to cool yet) and I will have to try the balloon.
As far as what he is up to: He can sit alone wants to crawl but hasn't co-ordinated yet.He also wants to stand all the time.
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