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hi, does anyone have any tips on stopping my 4 mth old from rolling on bed, she has a safe and sound roll, thingy on either side of her and i wrap her and even strap a sheet over her to stop her rolling out but she fights the sheet off and rolls and gets stuck on her stomach.. help
wow i was goin to say an anti roll pillow but it sounds like u ahve one active bub! lol sorry got no ideas to help. My eldest son loved to slepe on his tummy so i just let him, but he was very neck and shoulder strong.

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If your bub can still roll with all that your doing there isn't much you can do about it. It might be worth chatting to the SIDS people and your CHN as I'm not sure if its more dangerous to have that stuff in her cot/bed if she still manages to roll. Its pretty scary though, especially that young. My DD constantly rolls and moves around but a little older and I also know she can call out for help and turn her head to the side to breath. I feel for you - best of luck.

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My 5 mth old has just started rolling. He gets wrapped to sleep. He manages to break an arm free from his wrap and roll over. But then he gets stuck. He hates sleeping on his tummy. So i am u and down all night trying to keep him happy.

Any suggestions?

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