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how do they get up? Lock Rss

My little man (just turning 8 months) is constantly trying to get up into standing position. I am just wondering what are the motions they go through to get up? I was told when going from lying to sitting they roll onto their side? I otherwise have no idea!!
I know he will do it when he is ready, however I would like to have a vague idea of the motions -thanks

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Don't know if this is the norm, or is the proper way, but my 9 month old son has just learnt to stand in the last few weeks! He puts in hands on something, eg lounge and pulls himself to a kneeling position, he stayed at this stage for about 6 days. Next he pulls one foot out forward, then the other. I hope you understand what i mean!! :~

Watch out now, soon he will walk...


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My seven-month old son who has been crawling and pulling himself to a standing position for nearly a month now. From a sitting position, he grabs hold of something (usually the chair or the bars of the playpen or similar) and pull himself up (grunting and groaning the whole way). Sometimes he will kneel halfway through the process, sometimes just straight up and the feet go out! It is very cute when you wake up to see him standing in his cot smiling at you first thing in the morning!
Hi kerry. You are lucky you son can stand at 7 moths in his cot because my seven Month old is nowhere near that. Its amazing how they develop at different rates.

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Hi Emily,

I found my son started pulling himself up on things from 6.5 months (he was walking everywhere on his own by 9 months). I found he would start out by crawling over to the object (usually the lounge chair), then sit, reach up and place his hands on the seat of the lounge then pull himself up. After a couple of weeks, instead of sit then pulling himself up, he would sit, then kneel, then pull himself up. How is little Liam going? I bet he is getting big!! My little girl is now 6 months and growing up so fast!!
As you would know this is just how my boy stood and every child will do it they way they want to!!

Take care,

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I reckon I'm pretty lucky too (although he crawls a little too quickly these days). My son seems to have inherited this trait from his dad - also an early crawler/walker. I know of other kids slightly older (by a matter of weeks) who haven't come to this yet, so know what you mean - amazing to see differences in kids.
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