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NEW Hyland's Teething Tablets Rss

Can anyone tell me if Hyland's teething tablets are for sale any where here in Australia? I have read about their recall, and fully understand why they were taken off of the shelves to start with, but I used them with my 1st and loved them and now that I have another who is teething A LOT earlier than my 1st, I instantly went for the tablets and still swear by them as I had no ill-effects with my oldest. So now I want to know if anyone can tell me if the problem has been fixed and are they back on the shelves?
I haven't seen them back on either and I second Brauers... It's worked for DS and he was teething FOREVER

I don't think you can get the tablets anymore, but you can get Hylands as a teething gel.
Thank you all for your help ladies! smile

@Rosie Mumma What exactly is an Amber teething necklace? I have heard plenty about them, but nothing on what they actually are. :/
Rosie Mumma wrote:
The hylands teething tablets were taken off the market due to there being inconsistent amounts of one of the ingredients- I think it was belladonna- in them. You can, however, buy belladonna from a homeopath (we use it for reducing fever). Brauer teething liquid is great and you can buy it at the chemist. I also use a teething powder (great for little bubbas who spit out liquid) called "Weleda Baby- baby teething powder". I got mine through my acupuncturist but I assume it'd be easy to find online. It's also homeopathic. Also- have you tried an amber teething necklace? It did wonders for my DD. Cheap on ebay- my seller was Alifeinharmony. Good luck!

I second this!! I bought my DD 2 (just because they're really cute lol) from the same seller. Maybe coincidence, but DD has 8 teeth and has never had a fever, red cheeks, drooling, unsettled nights with any of them. In fact, she's never showed any of the typical teething signs smile

Basically amber is thought to release succinic acid when it's worn in contact with and warmed by the skin. This acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, so amber is recommended for a range of purposes. I convinced my Dad to try a bracelet because he has shocking arthritis in his hands and he swears they are better now. Not cured sad but much better than they were.

PS Rosie Mumma, I think I reported you sad Sorry.
Hylands teething tablets are available in Australia. I have purchased them recently in ACT. I think read somewhere that the formula has been changed since the 2010 recall however I can't remember where.
Yes they are available. Problem was fixed and they're back on the market. I get them from a local Amcal

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