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Bizarre baby names names

Bizarre Baby Names Baby Names
Fancy giving your baby a creative or edgy name? Why not follow the recent trend of celebrities and artists by choosing a bizarre baby name for your child. Whether you name your baby after a fruit, colour, season or planet, bizarre baby names can be memorable and unique, giving your child a strong sense of individuality and identity from day one. Browse through our list of bizarre baby names and see what inspires you!

Names from Bizarre baby names

Gender Name List Origin
boy Ace Anglo Saxon
girl Alpha Greek
boy Bond English, Teutonic
boy Casanova Latin
boy Donathan English
girl Fedora Greek
boy Gilmore Celtic, Scottish
girl Hailo Greek
boy Hippo Greek
boy Jagger English
girl Jazzy English
boy Jedi Hebrew
girl Joshitha Hindi
girl Krittika Indian
boy Pawk Burmese
girl Rilo Irish
boy Rysk Russian
boy Shimon Hebrew
girl Tigerlily English
girl Ummi Arabic
boy Xenon Greek
boy Zaniel Latin