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Christian Baby Names names

Christian Baby Names Baby Names
Find a range of Christian baby names for your new little boy or girl. In the Christian baby names list you'll find baby names such as Aaron, Gabriel, Joseph and Mary. Browse the Christian baby names below for many more.

Names from Christian Baby Names

Gender Name List Origin
boy Aaron Hebrew
girl Abigail Hebrew
boy Alexander Greek
boy Andrew Greek
girl Angela Greek
girl Beatrix English
boy Benjamin Hebrew
girl Bethany English
boy Caleb Hebrew
girl Christa Greek
girl Christina Greek
girl Christine Greek
boy Christopher Greek
girl Damaris Greek, Hebrew
boy Daniel Hebrew
girl Daniela Hebrew
girl Danielle French, Hebrew
girl Delora American
boy Denis French
boy Dennis Greek, French
girl Desiree Latin, French
girl Easter Old English
boy Elijah Hebrew
girl Elisha English
girl Elizabeth Spanish, German, Hebrew
boy Emmanuel Hebrew
girl Faith Latin, Anglo Saxon
boy Gabriel Spanish, Hebrew
girl Grace Latin, Spanish
boy Gregory English
girl Gwenfair Welsh
unisex Hannah Hebrew
girl Heaven English
unisex Ira Hebrew, Russian, Hindu
girl Isabel Hebrew
boy Jacob Hebrew
boy Jared Hebrew
boy Jeremiah Hebrew
boy Jesus Hebrew
girl Joan Hebrew
girl Joanna Hebrew
boy Joel Hebrew
boy John Hebrew
boy Jonathan Hebrew
boy Joseph Hebrew
boy Joshua Hebrew
girl Judith Hebrew
boy Lazarus Hebrew
boy Lucas English
boy Luke Latin
girl Lydia Greek
girl Madeleine French
girl Marianne French, Hebrew
boy Mark English, Old English
girl Martha Hebrew
girl Mary Hebrew
boy Mathew Hebrew, English
boy Matthias English
girl Mercedes Latin, Spanish
boy Michael Hebrew
girl Naomi Hebrew, Japanese
girl Natalia Italian
girl Natalie French
boy Nathan Hebrew
boy Nathaniel Hebrew
boy Peter Latin
boy Philip French
girl Priscilla Latin
boy Raphael Hebrew
girl Rebecca Hebrew
girl Rebekah Hebrew
boy Samuel Hebrew
boy Seth Hebrew
unisex Shiloh Hebrew
boy Simon Hebrew, English
girl Teresa Spanish, Greek
boy Theodore Greek
girl Tiffany Greek, French
boy Timothy Greek
girl Vesna Greek, Croatian
boy Xavier Spanish, Arabic
boy Zachary Hebrew, English