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Here's a list of top 100 girls names

Top 100 baby girls names

Looking for the top baby girl names in NZ & Australia? Get the feeling your new baby might be a little girl? Well, Huggies have put together a list of the top 100 baby girl’s names to get you started.

Search and browse the list in any way that suits you – by name popularity, letter, or origin – and find out the source of all the top girls names, as well as what they mean in each country or culture.

Find popular baby girls names, like Ava and Charlotte, and see how they have ranked in previous years. Or why not take a look at similar, but not so common, names like Evie and Charlize to learn about their origins and meanings.

And if you want to have a look at what the boys throughout Australasia are being named as well, why not have a look at our complete top 100 baby names list?

weekly most popular baby names

Gender Name List Origin
girl Catherine Greek
girl Remi French
girl Lette Greek
girl Deserae English, American
girl Giorgia Italian
girl Esta Italian, Anglo Saxon
girl Janice Hebrew
girl Judi Hebrew
girl Layna Greek
girl Ancika French
girl Oda German
girl Prita Hindu
girl Roi French
girl Stormie English
girl Urbana Latin
girl Yehudit Hebrew
girl Alfreda German, Teutonic
girl Birgita Celtic
girl Eugenie Greek
girl Abey Native American
girl Alejo Hispanic
girl Arva Latin
girl Avigail Hebrew
girl Batula Arabic
girl Biana American
girl Brinda Hindu
girl Cinnamon American
girl Corrissa English
girl Darerca Irish
girl Derforgala Irish
girl Jaira Hispanic
girl Kate Greek
girl Remmy French
girl Adara Greek, Hebrew, Arabic
girl Sidra Latin
girl Desi Latin, French
girl Georgine French
girl Hida German
girl Janais English
girl Judy Hebrew
girl Lea Hebrew
girl Malu Hawaiian
girl Ane French
girl Odelia Hebrew, Teutonic
girl Pritka Hindu
girl Struana Scottish
girl Yei Japanese
girl Alhertina Spanish
girl Birkita Celtic
girl Eulalia Greek
girl Abeytu Native American
girl Agafia Russian
girl Anwen Welsh
girl Batya Hebrew
girl Bibi French
girl Charliee Spanish
girl Edlynn Anglo Saxon
girl Enat Irish
girl Grietje Dutch
girl Harlie English
girl Huela German
girl Jaklyn English
girl Katharina German
girl Riki Spanish
girl Adela German
girl Sidrah Latin
girl Charli French
girl Dezrae English
girl Georgitte French
girl Hild German
girl Janay English
girl Judie Hebrew
girl Malva Greek
girl Aneta Hebrew
girl Odella Anglo Saxon
girl Pritika Hindu
girl Roial French
girl Subhadra Hindu
girl Uriana Greek
girl Yejide Yoruban
girl Alisa English
girl Birte Celtic
girl Eunice Greek
girl Abha Hindu
girl Agalia Greek
girl Amma Hindu
girl Anyssa English
girl Arvada Danish
girl Avilon Arthurian Legend
girl Bibiana Latin
girl Brionne English
girl Carmelina Hebrew
girl Charline French
girl Cinnia Celtic
girl Darice Persian
girl Derica German
girl Edlynne Anglo Saxon
girl Encarnacion Spanish
girl Ganice Hebrew
girl Huetts English