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Here's a list of top 100 boys names

Top 100 baby boys names

Thinking you might have a baby boy? Check out our top baby boy names? We have 100 of them for you.

The popularity of boy’s names goes through very definite trends in NZ & Australia. From classical names like William, to religious names such as Noah, right through to more modern names like Ryder and Jayden – we can see some clear patterns.

Our list of the top 100 baby boy’s names will show you which baby boy’s names are popular now and compare their ranking with what they have been in previous years. We’ll also show you the origin of our top baby boy’s names and what they mean.

And if you want to have a look at what the members of the “fairer sex” are being named as well, why not have a look at our complete top 100 baby names list?