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Baby Names meaning Earth names

Baby Names Meaning Earth Baby Names
Get in touch with the planet and think about these baby names meaning "Earth".

Huggies have produced an earthly list of baby names for both boys and girls for you to choose from. Some of our favourite girls baby names from this list include Admina, Hermione and Nitesh. Some of our favourite boys baby names from this list include Adan, Jared and Zola.

If you don't see anything that you like, return to our baby names with meaning category list.

Names from Baby Names meaning Earth

Gender Name List Origin
boy Adaih Gaelic
girl Adamina Hebrew
unisex Adan Spanish, Irish
boy Addam Hebrew
boy Adem African
girl Admina Hebrew
boy Bardo English, Danish
boy Bhagirath Hindu
girl Bhoodevi Hindu
boy Bhoopesh Hindu
boy Dmitri Slavic
girl Eartha Old English
girl Ela Polish
girl Fonda Spanish, English
girl Hermione Greek
girl Herta German
girl Hertha German, English
girl Hestia Greek
girl Ila French
boy Ilesh Hindu
boy Jared Hebrew
girl Kesia African American
boy Nitesh Hindi
boy Odanodan Irish
boy Terran English
unisex Terrin English
girl Vesta Latin, Spanish
girl Zola Italian, Arabic