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Here's a list of german names.

German baby names

names with origin: german

Gender Name List Origin
girl Rosemonde German
girl Rosemunda German
girl Rosiemund German
boy Rossiter German
boy Rosswald German
boy Roswald German
boy Roswalt German
boy Roth German
girl Rozemond German
girl Rozmonda German
girl Rozomund German
girl Rudella German
boy Rudiger German
boy Rudy German, English
boy Rune German
girl Ruomhildi German
girl Rupatta German
girl Rupetta German
girl Rupette German
boy Rutger German
girl Santa German
boy Schaeffer German
girl Senta German
boy Sherman German
boy Siegfried German
boy Sigfrid German
boy Sigwald German
boy Silvester German, English
girl Solvig German
boy Spangler German
boy Stefan German
girl Steffi German
boy Stein German
boy Steiner German
boy Sterling German, English
boy Sterlyn German
boy Stirling German, English
girl Suzanne French, German
boy Tab German, Hebrew, English
boy Tabbart German
boy Tahbert German
boy Terell German, English
boy Terrall German, English
boy Terrel German, English
boy Terrell German
boy Terrill German, English
girl Tibelda German
girl Tibelde German
boy Tihalt German
unisex Toni Latin, Greek, German, English
boy Treffen German
boy Trennen German
girl Tresa German
boy Tretan German
girl Truda German
girl Trudchen German
girl Trude German
girl Trudie German
girl Trudy German, Old English
girl Tugenda German
boy Ulbrecht German
unisex Uli German
girl Ulka German
girl Ulla German, Old English
girl Ulrica German
boy Ulrich German, Old English, Norwegian
girl Ulrika German
girl Ulrike German
girl Ulva German
boy Ulz German
girl Unna German
girl Uta German
girl Valborg German, Swedish
girl Valborga German
boy Valdemarr German
girl Van German, Dutch
girl Vanda German
girl Vande German
boy Varick German
girl Velma German
boy Vemados German
girl Verene German
girl Verina German
boy Verner German
boy Vid German
girl Viheke German
boy Vilhelm German
girl Vilhelma German
girl Viveka German
boy Volker German
boy Volney German
girl Von German
boy Waggoner German
boy Wagner German
girl Walborgd German
girl Walda German
boy Waldemar German
boy Walden German, English
girl Waldhurga German
boy Waldrom German