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Popular Baby Names from 2009 names

Popular Baby Names From 2009 Baby Names
Trying to find the most popular registered baby names for 2009?

The team at Huggies have produced a list of the most chosen baby names throughout 2009 for you to get some great inspiration! This list was produced with both girls baby names and boys baby names in mind.

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Names from Popular Baby Names from 2009

Gender Name List Origin
girl Aaliyah Hebrew, Arabic
boy Aaron Hebrew
girl Abbey Hebrew
girl Abby Hebrew
girl Abigail Hebrew
boy Adam Hebrew
boy Addison Old English
boy Aidan Irish, Gaelic, Anglo Saxon
unisex Alex Greek, English
boy Alexander Greek
girl Alexandra Greek
unisex Alexis Greek, English
girl Alice Teutonic
girl Alicia English
girl Alyssa Greek, Teutonic
girl Amber Arabic
girl Amelia Teutonic
boy Andrew Greek
boy Angus Irish, Celtic, Scottish
unisex Anna Italian, English
girl Annabelle English
boy Anthony Latin, Greek, English
boy Archie English
boy Ashton English
girl Ava Latin
unisex Bailey French, English
boy Beau French
boy Ben Hebrew, English
boy Benjamin Hebrew
boy Blake English, Scottish
girl Brianna Gaelic
boy Brodie Irish
unisex Brooke English, Anglo Saxon
girl Caitlin Celtic, Welsh
girl Caitlyn Celtic, Welsh
boy Caleb Hebrew
unisex Cameron Celtic, English, Old English, Scottish, Vietnamese
girl Charli French
unisex Charlie French, English
girl Charlotte French, Italian
girl Chelsea Old English
boy Christian Greek
girl Claire Latin, Greek
boy Cody Celtic, Old English
unisex Connor Irish, Scottish
boy Cooper Latin
boy Daniel Hebrew
boy Declan Irish, Gaelic
unisex Dylan Celtic, Welsh
boy Eli Hebrew
boy Elijah Hebrew
girl Elizabeth Spanish, German, Hebrew
girl Ella Old English, Old German
girl Ellie Spanish, German, Hebrew
girl Emily Latin
girl Emma Teutonic
girl Erin Gaelic, Celtic
girl Eva Latin, Hebrew
boy Finn Irish, English
boy Flynn Irish
boy Gabriel Spanish, Hebrew
girl Georgia Greek
girl Grace Latin, Spanish
boy Hamish Scottish
unisex Hannah Hebrew
boy Harrison English
boy Harry English
unisex Hayden English, Teutonic
girl Hayley English
boy Henry French, German
girl Holly English
boy Hudson English
girl Isabel Hebrew
girl Isabella Italian
girl Isabelle Hebrew
girl Isla Scottish, Finnish
boy Jack Hebrew, English
boy Jackson English, Scottish
boy Jacob Hebrew
girl Jade English
boy Jai English
boy Jake Hebrew, English
girl Jasmine Persian
boy Jaxon English
boy Jayden Hebrew
boy Jesse Hebrew
boy Joel Hebrew
unisex Jordan Hebrew
boy Joseph Hebrew
boy Joshua Hebrew
unisex Kai Hawaiian, Scottish, Navajo Indian
girl Kate Greek
girl Katie English
girl Keira Irish
girl Kiara Irish
boy Lachlan Scottish
girl Lara Latin
girl Lauren English
girl Layla Arabic
boy Liam Irish