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Old fashioned baby names names

Old Fashioned Baby Names Baby Names
Old fashioned baby names never go out of style. While exotic or celebrity baby names may quickly fade away, a traditional old fashioned baby name will stand the test of time. Browse through our list of classic and vintage baby names to find the perfect old fashioned name for your baby. Whether it's from the Victorian era, the Roaring 20s, or the pre-WWII period, old fashioned baby names can be an elegant and charming option when naming your baby.

Names from Old fashioned baby names

Gender Name List Origin
unisex Agnes Greek
boy Albert German
girl Alice Teutonic
unisex Anna Italian, English
boy Arnold German, English
boy Arthur Celtic, English
girl Barbara Latin, Greek, French
girl Beatrice French
boy Benjamin Hebrew
boy Bernard German
girl Bertha German
girl Bessie English
girl Betty English
girl Blanche Latin, French
girl Carrie French, English
boy Charles Old English
unisex Charlie French, English
girl Charlotte French, Italian
girl Clara Latin
boy Clarence Latin
boy Clyde Welsh
girl Daisy Latin, Old English
girl Diane Latin, Roman
boy Donald Old English
girl Doris Greek
girl Dorothy Greek
boy Edgar Anglo Saxon
girl Edith Teutonic
girl Edna Hebrew
boy Edwin Anglo Saxon
girl Eleanor Greek
girl Elizabeth Spanish, German, Hebrew
girl Ella Old English, Old German
girl Emma Teutonic
girl Esther Latin, Greek
boy Eugene Greek, Welsh
girl Eva Latin, Hebrew
unisex Evelyn French, Hebrew, Celtic
unisex Florence Latin, English, Arthurian Legend
boy Frank French, English
boy Fred German
boy Frederick German
boy Gary German, English
girl Genevieve French, Celtic, Old German
girl Grace Latin, Spanish
girl Gwen Celtic
boy Harold Old English
boy Harry English
girl Hazel English, Teutonic
girl Helen Greek
boy Henry French, German
unisex Ida Teutonic, Old English
girl Isabella Italian
unisex Ivy Greek, English
boy Jack Hebrew, English
unisex Jane Hebrew, English
unisex Jean French, Scottish
girl Joan Hebrew
boy Joe English
boy John Hebrew
boy Joseph Hebrew
girl June Latin, Chinese
boy Kenneth Gaelic, Old English, Scottish
boy Larry English
girl Laura Latin
boy Lester English
boy Lewis English
girl Lillian English
girl Linda Spanish, English
boy Louis French
girl Mabel Latin
girl Margaret Latin, Greek, Persian
girl Marie French
unisex Marion Hebrew, Old French
girl Martha Hebrew
girl Mary Hebrew
boy Matthew Hebrew
girl Maude Teutonic
girl May Latin, Hebrew
girl Minnie German
girl Myrtle Greek
girl Nancy Hebrew, English
girl Nellie Greek, Celtic, English
girl Pearl Latin
boy Ralph English, Old English
boy Raymond French, German, Old English
boy Richard Old English, Old German
boy Robert Old English
boy Roger French, Old German
unisex Ronald Teutonic
girl Rose Latin, Greek, French, Scottish
unisex Roy French, Old French
girl Ruby Latin, French
girl Ruth Hebrew
boy Samuel Hebrew
girl Shirley English
boy Stanley Old English
girl Stella Latin, Greek
girl Susan Hebrew
girl Sylvia Latin