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Mythological baby names names

Mythological Baby Names Baby Names
Delve into the realm of folklore, heroes, fantasy creatures, gods and goddesses with our mythological baby names list! Baby names that originate in mythology are often strong, bold and daring. Browse our list of mythological baby names and choose a name for your baby.

Names from Mythological baby names

Gender Name List Origin
boy Achilles Greek
boy Ajax Greek
boy Ammon Egyptian
girl Anat Hebrew
boy Angus Irish, Celtic, Scottish
girl Anihita Persian
girl Anu Celtic
girl Aphrodite Greek
boy Apollo Greek
boy Ares Greek
unisex Artemis Greek
girl Artemisia Greek
boy Arthur Celtic, English
girl Astrild Norse
girl Athena Greek
boy Balder English, Swedish
boy Beowulf Anglo Saxon
girl Calliope Greek
girl Camilla Italian
unisex Carman Celtic/Gaelic
boy Castor Greek
girl Ceres Latin, French
girl Clio Greek
girl Cressida Greek
girl Cybele Scandinavian
boy Damon Greek, English
girl Danu Celtic
girl Daphne Greek
boy Davy English
girl Demetra Greek
boy Dionysius Greek
unisex Dylan Celtic, Welsh
girl Eurydice Greek
boy Finn Irish, English
boy Gawain Celtic
boy Gerd English
girl Grace Latin, Spanish
boy Grendel Anglo Saxon
boy Griffin Greek
girl Guinevere Celtic, Welsh, Old English
girl Gwenn Celtic
boy Hector Latin, Greek
girl Helen Greek
girl Hera Greek, Maori
boy Hermes Greek
girl Hestia Greek
girl Isis Egyptian
unisex Isolde Celtic
girl Juno Roman
boy Leander Greek
girl Leda Latin
girl Leza African
girl Lilith Hebrew
girl Lorelei Teutonic
girl Macha Irish, Celtic
girl Marian Old French
girl Medea Latin, Greek
boy Merlin Celtic
unisex Morgan German, Gaelic, Celtic, Welsh
boy Odin Anglo Saxon
girl Olwen Celtic, Welsh
boy Orion Greek
unisex Paris French
unisex Pax English, Roman
girl Penelope Greek, Hawaiian
girl Persephone Greek
girl Phoebe Greek
girl Raka Indian
girl Rhea Latin, Greek, Anglo Saxon
girl Rhiannon Celtic, Welsh
unisex Robin French, English
girl Sabrina Latin, Celtic, English
girl Selene Greek
girl Sesheta Egyptian
girl Sheila Latin, Irish, Celtic
girl Sulla Celtic
girl Tamesis Celtic
boy Thor Old Norse
boy Tristan Latin, French, English, Old Welsh
boy Troilus French
unisex Troy French, English
boy Ulysses Latin, Greek
girl Zarya Slavic
boy Zeus Greek