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Huggies - Popular baby names 1960s names

Huggies   Popular Baby Names 1960s Baby Names

Names from Huggies - Popular baby names 1960s

Gender Name List Origin
boy Aaron Hebrew
boy Adam Hebrew
boy Adrian Latin, Greek
boy Alan Gaelic, Celtic, English
boy Alexander Greek
unisex Alison English
boy Allan Gaelic
girl Amanda Latin
boy Andrew Greek
girl Angela Greek
girl Anita Hebrew
unisex Ann French, German, Irish, English
unisex Anna Italian, English
girl Anne Hebrew
boy Anthony Latin, Greek, English
boy Antonio Spanish
boy Arthur Celtic, English
girl Barbara Latin, Greek, French
boy Barry French, Celtic, Welsh
girl Belinda Latin, Spanish, Italian
boy Benjamin Hebrew
girl Bernadette French, German
boy Bernard German
girl Beverley Old English
boy Bradley Old English
girl Brenda German, Irish, English
boy Brendan German, Irish, Celtic
boy Brett Celtic, Old English
girl Bronwyn Welsh
boy Bruce French, English, Scottish
unisex Cameron Celtic, English, Old English, Scottish, Vietnamese
girl Carol French, German, English
girl Caroline Old German
girl Carolyn English
boy Charles Old English
girl Christina Greek
girl Christine Greek
boy Christopher Greek
boy Colin Greek, French, Celtic, English
boy Craig Celtic
unisex Dale English, Old English, Old Norse
boy Damian Greek
boy Damien Greek
boy Daniel Hebrew
girl Danielle French, Hebrew
boy Danny Hebrew
boy Darren Gaelic, Old English
boy Darrin Celtic/Gaelic
boy Darryl French
boy Dean Latin, French, Old English
girl Debbie Hebrew
girl Deborah Hebrew
girl Debra Hebrew
girl Denise Greek, French
boy Dennis Greek, French
boy Derek Teutonic
girl Diana Latin, Roman
girl Diane Latin, Roman
girl Dianne Latin, Roman
boy Donald Old English
boy Douglas Irish, Scottish
girl Elizabeth Spanish, German, Hebrew
girl Emma Teutonic
girl Fiona Celtic, Scottish
boy Francis Latin
boy Frank French, English
unisex Gail Hebrew, English
boy Gary German, English
boy Gavin Scottish
boy Geoffrey English
boy Gerard Hebrew, English
boy Giuseppe Hebrew
boy Glen Celtic
girl Glenda Celtic
boy Glenn Celtic
boy Gordon Anglo Saxon
boy Graeme Anglo Saxon
boy Graham Anglo Saxon
boy Grant English, Scottish
boy Gregory English
boy Guy French, Hebrew, Celtic, English
girl Heather English
girl Helen Greek
boy Ian Hebrew, Scottish
girl Jacqueline French
unisex Jamie Hebrew, English
girl Jan Hebrew
unisex Jane Hebrew, English
girl Janelle English
girl Janet Hebrew
girl Janette Hebrew
girl Janice Hebrew
girl Janine Hebrew
boy Jason Greek, Hebrew
girl Jeanette French
boy Jeffrey French, Teutonic, Anglo Saxon
girl Jennifer English
girl Jo English
girl Joanne Hebrew
girl Jodi English