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Here's a list of names starting with h.

Baby names starting with h

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Gender Name List Origin
girl Helsin Old English
boy Helton English
girl Hema Hindu
boy Hemachandra Hindu
boy Hemadri Hindu
boy Hemang Hindu
girl Hemangi Hindu
girl Hemangini Hindu
boy Hemant Hindu
boy Hemaraj Hindu
boy Hemendra Hindu
girl Hemlata Hindu
boy Henbeddestr Celtic
boy Henderson Scottish
boy Hengist Anglo Saxon
girl Henka Teutonic
boy Henley English
boy Henning Teutonic
boy Henri French
girl Henrietta Teutonic
girl Henriette French
boy Henrik German
girl Henriqua Spanish
boy Henry French, German
boy Henson Scottish
boy Henwas Celtic
boy Heortwiella English
boy Heortwode English
girl Hephzibah Hebrew
girl Hepsiba Hebrew
girl Hepzibeth Hebrew
girl Hera Greek, Maori
boy Heraldo English
boy Heramba Hindu
boy Herb German
boy Herbert French, Teutonic
boy Hercules Greek
boy Heremon Celtic/Gaelic
boy Herlbert English
boy Herlebeorht English
boy Herman Teutonic, Old German
girl Hermeline Spanish
boy Hermes Greek
girl Herminia Spanish
girl Hermione Greek
boy Hern English
boy Hernan Spanish
boy Hernandez Spanish
boy Hernando Spanish
boy Herne Celtic/Gaelic
unisex Hero Greek
boy Herod Greek
boy Herrick Germanic
girl Herta German
girl Hertha German, English
boy Hertz German
boy Herve French
boy Herwin Teutonic
girl Herzeloyde Arthurian Legend
boy Heskovizenako Native American
girl Hesper Greek
girl Hester English, Persian
girl Hestia Greek
boy Hesutu Native American
boy Hetheclif English
girl Hettie French
girl Heulwen Welsh
boy Hevataneo Native American
boy Hevovitastamiutsto Native American
boy Hewett German
boy Hewitt German
boy Hewlett German
boy Hewlitt German
boy Hewson English
boy Heywood English
boy Hezekiah Hebrew
boy Hiamovi Native American
boy Hiatt English
boy Hid English
boy Hidalgo Spanish
boy Hide English
boy Hideaki Japanese
girl Hideyo Japanese
unisex Hien Vietnamese
boy Hieremias Hebrew
boy Hiero Irish
unisex Hikaru Japanese
girl Hila Hebrew
girl Hilaire French
girl Hilarie Latin, English
girl Hilary Latin, English
girl Hild German
girl Hilda Teutonic
girl Hildagarde German
boy Hildbrand German
girl Hilde German
boy Hildebrand German
girl Hildegard German
boy Hildehrand German
girl Hildemar German