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Here's a list of names starting with h.

Baby names starting with h

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Gender Name List Origin
girl Ha Vietnamese
boy Habib Arabic
boy Hacket German
boy Hackett German
girl Hada African
boy Hadad Islamic
unisex Hadar Hebrew
girl Hadara Hebrew
girl Hadarah Hebrew
girl Hadassa Hebrew
girl Hadassah Hebrew
boy Hadden English
boy Haddon English
boy Haden English
boy Hadi Arabic
girl Hadiya Arabic
girl Hadlee English
unisex Hadleigh English
unisex Hadley English
boy Hadon English
boy Hadrian English, Swedish
girl Hadu German
boy Hadwin Teutonic
boy Hadwyn Teutonic
girl Hadya Arabic
boy Haele English
boy Haethowine English
girl Hafina Welsh
girl Hafryn Welsh
girl Hafwen Welsh
boy Hagaleah English
boy Hagalean English
boy Hagan Irish, Teutonic
boy Hagaward English
boy Hagen German
boy Hagley English
boy Hagly English
boy Hahkethomemah Native American
boy Haig Armenian
girl Hailee English
girl Haileigh English
girl Hailey English
girl Hailo Greek
girl Haimi Hawaiian
boy Haines Teutonic
boy Hajime Japanese
boy Hakan Turkish, Norwegian
boy Hakeem Islamic
girl Hakidonmuya Native American
boy Hal English
boy Halbart English
boy Halbert Teutonic
boy Halburt English
boy Haldane English
boy Halden Teutonic
girl Haldis Teutonic, Norwegian
unisex Hale English, Teutonic, Old English, Norwegian
boy Halebeorht English
boy Halee English
girl Haleigh English
girl Haleigha Hawaiian
girl Halette French
girl Haley English, Norwegian, Swedish
boy Halford English
girl Halfrid German
girl Halfrida German
girl Halfrita English
girl Halfrith English
girl Halfryta English
girl Hali Greek, Hebrew
girl Halifrid German
boy Haligwiella English
boy Halim Islamic
boy Hall Old English
unisex Hallam German
girl Halley English
girl Hallfrita English
girl Halli English
girl Hallie Greek, English
boy Halliwell English
boy Hallwell English
boy Halsey Old English
boy Halsig English
boy Halstead English
boy Halton English
girl Hama Japanese
boy Hameed Hindu
boy Hamelstun English
girl Hamia Anglo Saxon
boy Hamid Islamic
boy Hamilton Old English
boy Hamish Scottish
boy Hamlett German
boy Hamlin French, Teutonic
boy Hammer Scandinavian
boy Hamoelet German
boy Hampton English
boy Hamza Islamic
boy Han German
girl Hana Hebrew, Japanese