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Here's a list of girl names starting with s. Naming your new baby girl is an important choice that stays with your daughter throughout her entire life. Baby girl names come in all shapes and sizes, from vintage names of the past to names rich with special meaning. We've gathered lists of unique and popular baby girl names, along with their origins and meanings to help you find the perfect baby girls name. Whatever you are trying to decide on, just follow your heart, be creative, and open your mind to the many selections available out there. It pays to get good advice from family and friends, too, so join Huggies to share your saved lists.

Baby girl names starting with s

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Gender Name List Origin
girl Scota Scottish
girl Scotia Scottish
girl Seanna Celtic
girl Searlait French
girl Season Latin
girl Sebastianne Latin, French
girl Sebastienne Latin
girl Sebastyana Latin
girl Sebestienne French
girl Sebille Old English
girl Sebina Greek
girl Secilia Latin
girl Segunda Spanish
girl Selena Greek
girl Selene Greek
girl Selenka Czech
girl Selina Greek
girl Selma Celtic, Arabic, Scandinavian
girl Semine Danish
girl Semira Hebrew
girl Sennett French
girl Sephira Greek, Hebrew
girl Septima Latin
girl Serafina Spanish, Hebrew
girl Seraphina Hebrew
girl Serilda Old German
girl Serina Hebrew
girl Sesheta Egyptian
girl Sevati Hindu
girl Shakti Hindu
girl Shalott Old English
girl Shamara Arabic
girl Shamira Hebrew
girl Shammara Arabic
girl Shanessa Irish
girl Shannelle French, Irish
girl Shara Hebrew
girl Shari French
girl Sharita French
girl Sharlene French, English
girl Sharlotte English
girl Sharmaine English
girl Sharman English
girl Sharon Hebrew
girl Sharron Hebrew
girl Sharyn English
girl Shavonne Irish
girl Shawna Hebrew
girl Shayla Celtic
girl Sheba Arabic
girl Sheena Hebrew, Irish
girl Sheila Latin, Irish, Celtic
girl Shela Hebrew, Celtic
girl Shelah Hebrew, Celtic
girl Shelly French
girl Shemariah Hebrew
girl Shena Hebrew, Irish
girl Sher French
girl Sherice French
girl Sherri English
girl Sherry French
girl Shina Japanese
girl Shira Hebrew
girl Shirlene English
girl Shirley English
girl Shoko Japanese
girl Shylah Celtic
girl Shysie Native American
girl Siany Irish
girl Sibil Anglo Saxon
girl Sibley Anglo Saxon
girl Sibyl Greek
girl Sidonia Hebrew, Italian
girl Sidonie French, Hebrew
girl Siegred Old Norse
girl Sienna Italian, Irish
girl Sierra Spanish, Irish
girl Signe Swedish
girl Sigourney French
girl Sigrid Old Norse
girl Silva Latin
girl Silvia Latin
girl Silvie English
girl Silvy Latin
girl Simona Spanish, French, Hebrew
girl Simoni Spanish, French, Hebrew
girl Sina Irish
girl Sinead Irish
girl Siobahn Irish
girl Siobbhan Irish
girl Siobhan Hebrew, Irish
girl Sirena Greek
girl Sitara Sanskrit
girl Siv Norwegian
girl Skena Scottish
girl Sky Dutch
girl Skylar English, Arabic, Dutch
girl Slaine Irish
girl Slany Irish
girl Sofya English