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Here's a list of girl names starting with a. Naming your new baby girl is an important choice that stays with your daughter throughout her entire life. Baby girl names come in all shapes and sizes, from vintage names of the past to names rich with special meaning. We've gathered lists of unique and popular baby girl names, along with their origins and meanings to help you find the perfect baby girls name. Whatever you are trying to decide on, just follow your heart, be creative, and open your mind to the many selections available out there. It pays to get good advice from family and friends, too, so join Huggies to share your saved lists.

Baby girl names starting with a

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Gender Name List Origin
girl Armilla Latin
girl Arnelle English
girl Artemisia Greek
girl Arthurine English
girl Artis Irish
girl Arub Arabic
girl Aruba Arabic
girl Arundhati Hindu
girl Arunika Hindu
girl Arunima Hindu
girl Arza Hebrew
girl Arzice Hebrew
girl Asabi African
girl Asasia Greek
girl Ascencion Spanish
girl Asha Sanskrit
girl Ashadeep Hindu
girl Ashakiran Hindu
girl Ashalata Hindu
girl Ashanti African
girl Ashavari Hindu
girl Ashika Hindu
girl Ashla English
girl Ashlan English
girl Ashleah English
girl Ashleen English
girl Ashleena English
girl Ashleigh English
girl Ashlen English
girl Ashlinn English
girl Ashlyn English
girl Ashlynn English
girl Ashlynne English
girl Ashna Hindu
girl Ashten English
girl Ashtyn English
girl Ashwini Hindu
girl Asia English
girl Asianne Arabic
girl Assisi Italian
girl Asta Latin
girl Aste Latin
girl Aster English
girl Astera Israeli
girl Asthore Irish
girl Astolat Arthurian Legend
girl Astra Greek
girl Astrea Greek
girl Astrid Scandinavian
girl Astrild Norse
girl Asuncion Spanish
girl Atalanta Greek
girl Atalaya Arabic
girl Atalia Hebrew
girl Atalie Hebrew
girl Atara Hebrew
girl Ataret Hebrew
girl Athaleyah Hebrew
girl Athalia Hebrew
girl Athalie Hebrew
girl Athdara Irish
girl Athena Greek
girl Athilda English
girl Athracht Irish
girl Atilda English
girl Atiya Arabic
girl Atonia Hebrew
girl Attheaeldre English
girl Attracta Irish
girl Auberta Latin
girl Aubree English
girl Aubriana English
girl Aubrianna English
girl Aubrianne English
girl Aubrie English
girl Auda French
girl Audabella English
girl Aude French
girl Audelia English
girl Audene English
girl Audi African
girl Audny Norwegian
girl Audra French
girl Audre English
girl Audrea English
girl Audreana English
girl Audreanna English
girl Audree French
girl Audrey English
girl Audri English
girl Audria English
girl Audriana English
girl Audrianna English
girl Audrie English
girl Audrielle English
girl Audrina English
girl Audris English
girl Audry English
girl August English
girl Augusteen Irish