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Shakespeare characters names

Shakespeare Characters Baby Names
William Shakespeare was the greatest writer in the English language and world's most distinguished dramatist. Hundreds of years after his time, Shakespeare's work still inspires other writers, novelists, artists and musicians' works. The characters from his plays are witty, powerful and passionate.

Names from Shakespeare characters

Gender Name List Origin
boy Abraham Hebrew
boy Adam Hebrew
boy Adrian Latin, Greek
girl Alice Teutonic
boy Andrew Greek
girl Anne Hebrew
boy Antonio Spanish
girl Audrey English
boy Balthasar Greek
boy Bardolph English
boy Bernardo German
boy Bertram German, English
boy Caesar Latin, Roman
boy Cato Latin
girl Celia Spanish, Greek
boy Charles Old English
girl Charmian Greek
boy Christopher Greek
boy Claudius English, Roman
girl Cleopatra Greek
girl Corin French
boy Demetrius Greek
boy Dennis Greek, French
girl Desdemona Latin, Greek, Italian, Gaelic
girl Diana Latin, Roman
boy Dion Greek
girl Dorcas Greek
boy Duncan Celtic, Scottish
girl Elizabeth Spanish, German, Hebrew
boy Eros Greek
boy Fabian French, English
boy Francisco Spanish
boy Frederick German
girl Gertrude German
boy Gregory English
girl Helena Greek, English
boy Henry French, German
girl Hermione Greek
boy Horatio Latin
girl Isabel Hebrew
boy John Hebrew
girl Juliet French
girl Katharina German
boy Laurence English
boy Lear German, English
boy Lewis English
boy Lucius English
boy Lysander Greek
boy Macbeth Scottish
girl Margaret Latin, Greek, Persian
girl Maria Hebrew, Italian
girl Mariana Spanish
boy Mark English, Old English
unisex Montague French
boy Oberon German
girl Octavia Latin
boy Octavius Latin
boy Oliver English
girl Olivia Latin
girl Ophelia Greek, French
boy Orlando Spanish
boy Osric Anglo Saxon
unisex Paris French
boy Peter Latin
boy Philo Greek
girl Portia Latin
boy Richard Old English, Old German
unisex Roderigo Spanish
unisex Romeo Latin, Spanish, French, Italian
girl Rosalind Latin, Spanish
boy Sebastian Latin, Greek
boy Timon Greek, English
girl Titania Greek
boy Titus Latin, Greek
unisex Toby Hebrew, English
unisex Valentine Latin, Spanish, English
boy William French, German, English
boy Williams German