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Here's a list of names starting with d.

Baby names starting with d

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Gender Name List Origin
boy D'anton French
boy D'arcy French
girl Da-xia Chinese
boy Dabir Arabic
girl Dabria Latin
unisex Dacey French, Gaelic, English
girl Dacia Latin, Greek
girl Dacio French
boy Dack English
girl Dae English, Japanese, Korean
boy Daeg Irish
boy Daegal Anglo Saxon
boy Daelan English
girl Daelyn English
girl Daena English
girl Daesgesage English
girl Dafne English
boy Dagan Hebrew
girl Daganya Hebrew
girl Daganyah Hebrew
girl Dagmar German, Danish
girl Dagna Old German
girl Dagny Norwegian
boy Dagobert German
boy Dagoberto German
girl Dagomar German
boy Dagonet Arthurian Legend
boy Daguenet Arthurian Legend
boy Dagwood English
boy Dahana Hindu
girl Dahlia Scandinavian
girl Dai English, Japanese, Korean
girl Daia African
boy Daibhidh Gaelic
boy Dain English
girl Daina English
boy Daine English
girl Daisee Latin, Old English
girl Daisey Latin, Old English
girl Daisha American
girl Daisi English
girl Daisie Latin, Old English
girl Daisy Latin, Old English
girl Daizy English
unisex Dakota Native American
boy Dakotah Native American
boy Dal Irish
boy Dalan Irish
unisex Dale English, Old English, Old Norse
boy Dalen English
girl Dalena English
girl Dalene English
girl Dalenna English
boy Daley Gaelic
girl Dalia Hebrew
girl Daliah Hebrew
boy Dalil Islamic
girl Dalis Hebrew
boy Dalit Hebrew
girl Daliyah Hebrew
boy Dallas Gaelic, Celtic, Scottish
boy Dallen Irish
boy Dallin Irish, Old English
girl Dallis Scottish
boy Dalon Irish
boy Dalston Anglo Saxon
boy Dalton Old English
boy Dalyell Scottish
boy Dalyn English
boy Dalziel Scottish
girl Damali Arabic
girl Damalis Greek
girl Damara Greek, Hebrew
boy Damario Spanish
girl Damaris Greek, Hebrew
boy Damen Greek
girl Damhnait Irish
girl Damia Greek
boy Damian Greek
girl Damiana Greek
boy Damien Greek
boy Damion Greek
girl Damita Spanish
boy Damon Greek, English
boy Dan Hebrew
girl Dana Celtic, English, Swedish
girl Danae Greek
girl Danah English
boy Danail Bulgarian
boy Dane Old English
boy Danel Basque
girl Danele Basque
boy Danell Hebrew
girl Danelle Hebrew
boy Danesh Islamic
girl Danett Hebrew
girl Danetta Hebrew
girl Danette English
girl Daney English
unisex Dani Hebrew, Modern