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Rap Stars names

Rap Stars Baby Names
Always seen as confident and inspirational performers in their field, rap stars have defined the culture of hip hop around the world. Many of them have defied the odds of becoming a success by battling poverty and a poor education to become leaders in the music industry. Names like Christopher Wallis, Marshall Mathers and Missy Elliot would all resonate with fans of the hip hop world. Below is a list of baby names based on world class rap stars.

Names from Rap Stars

Gender Name List Origin
boy Andre French
boy Christopher Greek
boy Drake Latin, Old English
girl Ebony Greek, English
boy Elliot Hebrew
boy Jay Greek, Hebrew
unisex Jean French, Scottish
unisex Kim English, Anglo Saxon
girl Latifah African
boy Lloyd Old Welsh
unisex Lupe Latin, Arabic
boy Marshall French, English
boy Mike English
girl Missy Old English
girl Nelly English
boy Sean Hebrew, Irish, Celtic
boy Wayne Teutonic