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A-List celebrities names

A List Celebrities Baby Names
The list was created by veteran entertainment journalist James Ulmer, who developed a 100-point method to quantify a star's value to a film production, in terms of getting a movie financed and the cameras rolling. The Ulmer Scale also takes into account an actor's history (box office successes vs. failures), versatility, professional demeanor, and ability and willingness to travel and promote movies. Below is a list of celebrity baby names derived from the world's pool of A-List celebrities.

Names from A-List celebrities

Gender Name List Origin
girl Angelina Italian
boy Brad English
boy Bruce French, English, Scottish
boy Harrison English
boy Jim Hebrew, English
boy John Hebrew
boy Johnny English
girl Julia Latin
boy Leonardo Spanish
unisex Mel English
girl Nicole English
boy Robert Old English
unisex Robin French, English
boy Russell Old English, Old French
boy Tom English
boy Will English