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Here's a list of boy names starting with j. What you choose to name your newborn boy is one of the most key decisions you will make for him. Names can mean a wide variety of things from honouring family by using ancestral names, to specific qualities in the meaning that you'd like to relate to your little boy, like strong or brave. You may just be looking for a name that sounds great and is easy to say. Meanings and origins have also been provided to assist you in the selection of your perfect baby boys name.

Baby boy names starting with j

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Gender Name List Origin
boy Jayden Hebrew
boy Jaydon Hebrew
boy Jaye English
boy Jaymes English
boy Jaymin Hebrew
boy Jayron English
boy Jayronn English
boy Jayson Hebrew
boy Jaysukh Hindu
boy Jayvee English
boy Jayvyn African
boy Jazzalyn English
boy Jean baptiste French
boy Jeannot Hebrew
boy Jeb Hebrew
boy Jebediah Hebrew
boy Jed Hebrew, Arabic
boy Jedadiah Hebrew
boy Jedaiah Hebrew
boy Jedd Hebrew
boy Jedediah Hebrew
boy Jedi Hebrew
boy Jediah Hebrew
boy Jedidiah Hebrew, Arabic
boy Jedrek Polish
boy Jeff English
boy Jeffe English
boy Jeffrey French, Teutonic, Anglo Saxon
boy Jeffry English
boy Jehoichin Hebrew
boy Jehovah Hebrew
boy Jehu Hebrew
boy Jengo African
boy Jenny-lee English
boy Jens Hebrew
boy Jensen Norwegian
boy Jenyd English
boy Jephtah Hebrew
boy Jerad Hebrew, English
boy Jerah Hebrew
boy Jeraldo Spanish
boy Jeramie English
boy Jeramy English
boy Jerande English
boy Jerard French, English
boy Jerardo Spanish
boy Jered English
boy Jeremi Hebrew, English
boy Jeremiah Hebrew
boy Jeremias Spanish
boy Jeremie Hebrew, English
boy Jeremy Hebrew, English
boy Jerett English
boy Jeriah Hebrew
boy Jeric English
boy Jericho Arabic
boy Jerick English
boy Jerico Spanish
boy Jerod English
boy Jerold Spanish
boy Jerolin Latin
boy Jerome Greek
boy Jeronimo Spanish
boy Jerrad English
boy Jerrah Hebrew
boy Jerrald Spanish
boy Jesse Hebrew
boy Jesus Hebrew
boy Jibril Arabic
boy Jim Hebrew, English
boy Jimmie Hebrew, English
boy Jimmy Hebrew, English
boy Jimuta Hindu
boy Jiro Japanese
boy Jivana Hindu
boy Jivin Hindu
boy Joachim Hebrew
boy Joaquin Spanish
boy Job Hebrew
boy Jobe Hebrew, English
boy Joby Hebrew, English
boy Jocheved Hebrew
boy Jock Hebrew, Scottish
boy Joe English
boy Joed Hebrew
boy Joel Hebrew
boy Joen Hebrew
boy Joey English
boy Johan German, Hebrew
boy Johann German
boy Johannes German
boy Johfrit Old English
boy John Hebrew
boy John paul English
boy Johnathan Hebrew
boy Johnn French, English
boy Johnny English
boy Johnson English
boy Johnston Scottish
boy Jolon Native American