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Here's a list of boy names starting with a. What you choose to name your newborn boy is one of the most key decisions you will make for him. Names can mean a wide variety of things from honouring family by using ancestral names, to specific qualities in the meaning that you'd like to relate to your little boy, like strong or brave. You may just be looking for a name that sounds great and is easy to say. Meanings and origins have also been provided to assist you in the selection of your perfect baby boys name.

Baby boy names starting with a

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Gender Name List Origin
boy Aaban Arabic, Muslim
boy Aaron Hebrew
boy Aart Anglo Saxon
boy Aban Islamic
boy Abarran Basque
boy Abarron Hebrew
boy Abba Hebrew, Arabic
boy Abban Latin, Irish
boy Abbot Latin, Hebrew
boy Abbotson Hebrew
boy Abd al alim Arabic
boy Abd al bari Arabic
boy Abd al hakim Arabic
boy Abd al jabbar Arabic
boy Abd al matin Arabic
boy Abd al qadir Arabic
boy Abd al rashid Arabic
boy Abd al sami Arabic
boy Abd er rahman Arabic
boy Abdalla Arabic
boy Abdallah Arabic
boy Abdalrahman Arabic
boy Abdias Hebrew
boy Abdiel Hebrew
boy Abduh Islamic
boy Abdukrahman Arabic
boy Abdul Arabic
boy Abdulkareem Arabic
boy Abdulla Arabic
boy Abdullah Arabic
boy Abdulrahman Arabic
boy Abe Hebrew
boy Abejundio Spanish
boy Abel Hebrew, Assyrian
boy Abell Hebrew
boy Abhay Hindu
boy Abhichandra Hindu
boy Abhidhar Hindu
boy Abhijat Hindu
boy Abhijit Hindu
boy Abhilash Hindu
boy Abhimakar Hindu
boy Abhiman Hindu
boy Abhimanya Hindu
boy Abhinandan Hindu
boy Abhinav Hindu
boy Abhinivesh Hindu
boy Abhiram Hindu
boy Abhishek Hindu
boy Abhivachan Hindu
boy Abhivadak Hindu
boy Abhivandan Hindu
boy Abhivandya Hindu
boy Abid Arabic
boy Abijah Hebrew
boy Abimelech Hebrew
boy Abiram Hebrew
boy Abisha Hebrew
boy Abner Hebrew
boy Abooksigun Native American
boy Abracham Irish
boy Abraham Hebrew
boy Abram Hebrew
boy Abramo Hebrew
boy Abran Spanish
boy Absolom Hebrew
boy Abu bakr Arabic
boy Abukcheech Native American
boy Abyan Islamic
boy Abyaz Islamic
boy Acacio Hebrew
boy Accalon Arthurian Legend
boy Accursius Latin
boy Ace Anglo Saxon
boy Acel French
boy Achaius Scottish
boy Achak Native American
boy Achilles Greek
boy Achillios Greek
boy Achintya Hindu
boy Ackerleigh English
boy Ackerley English
boy Ackley English
boy Acton Old English
boy Adag Hindu
boy Adahy Native American
boy Adaih Gaelic
boy Adair Celtic
boy Adaire Celtic
boy Adalbert German
boy Adalgar German
boy Adalric German
boy Adalrico Latin, Old German
boy Adalrik German
boy Adalson English
boy Adalwen German
boy Adalwin German
boy Adalwine German
boy Adalwolf German
boy Adam Hebrew