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Here's a list of names starting with b.

Baby names starting with b

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Gender Name List Origin
boy Baadi Islamic
girl Baageshree Hindu
boy Baahi Islamic
girl Baako African
boy Baari Islamic
boy Baastian Dutch
girl Bab Arabic
girl Baba African
boy Baback Persian
girl Babette French
girl Bacia Ugandan
boy Badal Hindu
boy Badar Islamic
boy Badarinath Hindu
boy Badarish Hindu
boy Badi Islamic
boy Badrinath Hindu
boy Badriprasad Hindu
girl Badu African
boy Baen Scottish
boy Baerhloew English
boy Baethan Irish
boy Bagdemagus Arthurian Legend
girl Bageshri Hindu
boy Baha Islamic
boy Bahadur Islamic
boy Bahari African
boy Bahij Islamic
boy Bahjat Islamic
girl Bahuda Hindu
boy Bahul Hindu
girl Bahula Hindu
boy Bahuman Hindu
boy Bahushruta Hindu
boy Baigh Scottish
girl Bailee English
unisex Bailey French, English
boy Bailoch Scottish
boy Baily French, English
boy Bainbridge English
boy Bainbrydge English
boy Baingana Swahili
boy Baird Irish, Celtic, English
boy Bakhit Islamic
boy Bakhsh Islamic
boy Bakht Islamic
boy Bakr Islamic
unisex Bakul Sanskrit
girl Bakula Hindu
girl Bala Hindu
boy Balaaditya Hindu
boy Balachandra Hindu
boy Baladev Hindu
boy Balaji Hindu
boy Balakrishna Hindu
boy Balamani Hindu
boy Balamohan Hindu
boy Balaram Hindu
boy Balark Hindu
boy Balasi Basque
boy Baldasarre Italian
boy Balder English, Swedish
boy Baldev Hindu
girl Baldhart German
boy Baldhere English
boy Baldric German
boy Baldrich German
boy Balduin German
boy Baldulf Arthurian Legend
boy Baldwin German
boy Baldwyn German
boy Bale Ugandan
boy Balen Arthurian Legend
boy Balendin Latin
boy Balfour Scottish
boy Bali Hindu
boy Balin English
boy Balindra Hindu
boy Balint Latin
unisex Ballard French, German, Old English
girl Ballari Hindu
boy Ballinamore Irish
boy Ballindeny Irish
boy Balmoral Scottish
boy Balram Hindu
boy Baltasar German
boy Balthasar Greek
boy Bama Hebrew
boy Bamard German
boy Bamey German
boy Ban Vietnamese
boy Banagher Celtic/Gaelic
boy Banaing English
boy Banbrigge English
boy Bancroft Old English
boy Bandele Yoruban
boy Bane Hawaiian
unisex Banji African
boy Banjo English
boy Banning Gaelic, English