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4 month regression


I am a FTM and my little boy is 15 weeks old. He sleeps really well at the moment.

I have been diagnosed with PND and anxiety. The anxiety specifically was brought on by reading way too much information on baby sleep.

As a result I am petrified about what I've read about a 4 month sleep regression. My baby sleeps 9 hours straight st night with 3 day naps. He has been sleeping the 9 hours since 6 weeks. A lot of the time can put himself to sleep and back to sleep.

I'm wanting to know how likely it is for babies to experience the worst case regression Ive read about (waking every 45 mins overnight). Also how many babies experience it at all? My mum said babies started sleeping better at 4 months and it's a load of crap.

Can you provide anymore info to try to esse my mind ?

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Answer: Hi, Thanks for your question. The fact that your baby is sleeping so well at 4 months is great, perhaps this will change and maybe it won't. No one will be able to give you a definite answer. But he will change over time and with added maturity in all sorts of ways and this will include his sleep and his feeding. This is just what babies do. You can't control his sleep or his settling, the only things under your control are your responses to these. It's important you're getting support and guidance with your PND and anxiety, this will help with your understanding of what you can control and what you can't. Some babies do start sleeping better at 4 months and others don't, there's no one consistent pattern for all babies. As individuals they do their own thing. Many babies continue to wake for a night feed until they're six months or older, especially if they're breastfeeding. At around six months solids are recommended so if he starts waking and is hungry overnight this could be one of the many signs he's ready for solid foods. Speak with your child health nurse who will be able to guide you on sleep and settling management. And check the articles on the Huggies site but bear in mind that too much information can be utterly confusing. It sounds like your baby is giving you some pretty clear signs about himself. look to him for guidance too. Cheers Jane
Answered: 15 Oct 2017