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Avatar Mella...
5 month old waking multiple times during the night

My 5 month old is still not sleeping through the night.she wakes up hungry a few times over night. She stays awake during the whole bottle and settle herself back to sleep. We have tried a structure sleep, eat, play but she is refusing to drink full bottles during the day and will only drink a full bottle when she wakes a few times overnight. How can I get to her drink during the day and not over night so she isn't hungry during the night?

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, There are a few things you could try. If she's refusing to drink much through the day, give her a break from her bottle and rewarm it. Reoffer it to her within 15-20 minutes. Aim to complete her feeds within an hour of starting and not feed her more often than 3.5-4 hourly through the day. You could think about stopping all solid feeds for a day or so and see if this makes her more hungry for her formula. This needs to be her primary source of nutrition at her age, solids are just an extra and the recommendation is to start them at "around six months". At five months she's still entitled to overnight feeds. Her stomach is small and her metabolism fast so it's unrealistic to expect her to not feed for 10-12 hours overnight (not sure if you are though). The other issue is that the information on the formula can is just a guide. Every baby has their own individual feeding quotas and needs. If she's growing and thriving and reaching her developmental milestones perhaps she's getting exactly what she needs volume wise in her bottles. A check with your CHN would be useful. Best Jane
Answered: 09 Jul 2016