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He is now teething and waking an average of four times a night

hi maree, my baby boy is 7 and a half months old and is 100% reliant on having a breast feed before sleeping - my mistake, I know!! It was all that worked when he was younger and for that reason i stuck with it. Trouble is, he is now teething and waking an average of four times a night. Each time, he requires a top up to go back down. During the day, i manage to get him to have two one hour sleeps (only by offering him the breast first) i cant continue to feed him four times during the night - my milk supply is depleted as it is and i have started him on two bottles during the day. i have tried controlled crying. he becomes hysterical beyond comforting. after an hour, i abandon the idea. what can i do??

Answer: Hi,
The breast feed isn`t the problem it is when you feed baby to sleep they look for this comfort when waking on their light sleep so you need to feed then have some play time and as soon as you see the tired signs settle him awake into his cot so he learns to sleep independently. Controlled comforting is very hard to do and not for everyone but in a week or so if you can persist, everyone is sleeping through the night. Take a look at our It`s Time To Sleep settling program it`s lots of hands on.

Cheers, Maree

Answered: 08 Apr 2009