Newborn Bedroom and Nursery Design Inspiration

Expecting a new addition to the family soon? When you are pregnant designing the bedroom of the newest member of the family is likely to be top of your to-do-list! If this is your first time putting together a nursery then it’s likely you will be on the lookout for some inspiring tips from mums who have been through it all before. There are so many things to consider; change tables, cribs, baby bedding, wall mosaics, storage, and of course you’re nursing chair for those late night feeding sessions. You can even try our Baby Room Decorator tool to see how your ideas will fit together. Our dedicated newborn baby room gallery was put together to showcase some of the most popular newborn bedroom designs from our Huggies members. Vote for your favourite to give our creative mummy members a chance to win!

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Mirha’s Room.

by Member212869

  • gender: girl
  • age: newborn
  • type: bedroom


room 3

by thx

  • gender: neutral
  • age: newborn
  • type: bedroom



by Member130772

  • gender: boy
  • age: newborn
  • type: bedroom