Frequently asked questions

Q. Do I have to be a Huggies Club member to receive my own personalised OHbaby! magazine?
A. Yes, this is a special opportunity available only to our Huggies Club members who are residents of New Zealand. Join now if you are not already a member.

Q. How many times can I redeem a personalised copy of OHbaby! magazine?
A. There is only one complimentary copy of your magazine per child born between 1 January 2012 and 30 June 2012. However, should you wish to purchase any more you may do so at the checkout when you are processing your order. You only have to pay the postage and handling charge below for the complimentary copy Note: There is only one opportunity to order additional copies and this is at the checkout so please be certain you will not want any other copies before you continue.

Q. Can I purchase additional copies of my personalised cover?
A. Yes you can, at a cost of $8.90, the standard price of an OHbaby! magazine.

Q. Is there a cost involved?
A. Yes, there is a postage and handling charge of $4.00 for the first magazine, otherwise the cost of the first magazine is free. If you want to purchase any additional personalised copies you may do so at the standard price of $8.90.

Q. Will my photo be displayed precisely as it is submitted?
A. Your image will be cropped just as you have cropped it on the cover as you create your cover. Once you have created your cover it will be displayed on the Huggies website. You will receive an email from Huggies letting you know when it is live on the website for you to see and share with friends and family.

Q. What do I do if I have a multiple birth (twin or triplets)?
A. Multiple births need to be submitted as separately. You will be given the option to add another baby during your initial submission and to create a separate magazine cover for each baby. Look out for this option during “step 3” when you are confirming your delivery address details. Please note that this will be the only opportunity to add a multiple birth.

Q. When will I receive my personalised OHbaby! magazine?
A. OHbaby will produce either the April or July edition of the OHbaby! magazine with a customised cover containing the photograph and birth details submitted by each participant and a double-page spread which sets out key facts or events that will occur in the 2012 calendar year. Your personalised copy of OHbaby! Magazine will be processed and sent to you within 10 weeks of confirmation of the photo and birth details submitted. Additional cover orders will be delivered on or before 10 August 2012.

Q. When does my baby have to be born to make me eligble to receive a personalised copy of OHbaby! magazine?
A. This offer is only available in relation to babies born between 1 January 2012 and 30 June 2012.

Q. I’m having trouble entering the promotion.
A. Please contact OHbaby! at so we can help you, or call 0508 484 633

Q. What if I spell my newborns name incorrectly, can I adjust this?
A. You are given the opportunity to double-check your newborn’s details before you submit your cover. This is the only opportunity to check and adjust. Once you have submitted your cover there is no opportunity to change details further.

Q. Can I use a photo that was professionally photographed?
A. If you have written consent from your professional photographer you may use a professional photograph. If you do not have written permission to use a photographers photo this would be considered a breach of the photographers copyright and you would be held liable for its use. Please see our terms and conditions regarding use of photographs and liability. If in doubt, use a photo that you have taken yourself.